Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Treat everyday like its your last

Hi guys,

So who know's the above saying 'treat everyday like its your last'. Yeah we all know it but how many of us live by it? Not many. We are all guilty of getting caught up in our own world and forget to live in the moment.

Me, what do I do? I shop spend most of my money on clothes as if I need anymore. I curse under my breath at work because people piss me off. Forget to call people back becuase I'm so tired from work.

Guys that is me treating everyday like its my last. Me thinks it's time for some changes. This evening I tried to get mum to treat today like it was her last. I said 'mum take pics of me like you've
never taken them before'. Mum was more like 'let's hurry up my shows on' thanks mum.

Anyways my message to you all is 'treat everyday like its your last'.


Hobbs - Dress, H&M - Boots, Belt - Old

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