Thursday, 18 October 2012

Charity starts at home

Hey, hey, hey

I have to say I am ashamed of myself. Let me tell you the story. So we had a charity raffle ticket competition today at work. Prizes were a combination of dresses, coats and bags. The money for the tickets go to charity.

Anyways I decide to only buy one ticket as I'm not really lucky when it comes to raffles or competitions. So as the raffle was being drawn today at work I could see myself getting excited about the thought of actually wining.

Well 5 prizes later I LOST. I was sooooo disappointed I was saying in my head 'what a waste' ok no I said it out loud to the raffle picker (don't worry I know them). But still how selfish of me.

The only thing that cheered me up was that fact that people liked my latest bargain buy, my H&M yellow dress £5.00 in the sale.

So anyways today's little episode got me thinking what have I done for charity apart from give some clothes?

Charity starts at home guys, lets not forget.


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