Monday, 15 October 2012

All bunged up

Evening guys,

I wanna scream I'm not well. Can we say bunged up and sore throat. This flu has kept me in its peril for over a week and I want to be let free.

Being the trooper that I am I have continued to go to work and do what needs to be done.

To cheer myself up I wanted to
face the world looking sharp. So I teamed up my BARGAIN H&M tuxedo dress £7 and my Hobbs shirt (sample sale of course). I swear in my head all I could hear is that song 'she's a lady, whoa, whoa, whoa she's a lady.

As I write this my coughing fit has taken over. We know what that means byeeeeee

Hobbs shirt, H&M tuxedo dress, H&M Boots

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