Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Wonderful Tuesday

Hi yall,

Oh what a wonderful Tuesday it is. Why do I say this you ask? Well I am manger free for the next week and a half at work. Now after three lets all say yes, 1.2.3 YES!! I could not believe my luck when I was told this. I feel like god has been listening to me. I already feel stress free, funny that eh.

Right I feel like I have to let something off chest. So I had an interview recently with a luxury lingerie brand and you know what the interview was a bunch of bull. Get this I arrived there an hour early, I was informed I'm too early and I should go and do something then come back. Er no hunny I'm early and I can happily wait.

Then the assistant manager comes in pretending to be a decent person. Gives me a quick something to do no biggie. She goes away and comes back with the manager waddling because she's pregnant. Don't worry I  love pregnant women. So anyway's the manager interviews me for 30 minutes lets just say it was a load of bollocks. Asking a person questions that can be clearly answered by looking at my CV is just unbelievable. 

Having your assistant just stare at someone in an interview without saying anything is just plain uncomfortable. Telling a candidate that you have more CV's to look at is just plain rude. Company's need to stop wasting people's time by calling them in and telling them there not what there looking for.

Wow that felt good it's off my chest. Now back to the task at hand today's outfit. I am in my cropped squin jeans that I brought yesterday from H&M. I freaking love them. Soft, sexy, they are the shit. I'm also rocking my hobbs cord shirt with frills lol. Gotta love it.  

Wow what a wonderful Tuesday. A little rant is always good for you're soul. 


Hobbs - shirt, H&M - jeans, Primark - pumps

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