Monday, 10 September 2012

Toothache Monday

Hi guys,

So you guessed it, its tooth ache Monday. I couldn't do my Sunday Chill post yesterday because my tooth would not allow me too. For all of you that knows how much a tooth ache hurts, I know you feel my pain.

Today saw me go into work on a early shift and leave 2 hours later. The dentist chair was calling my name. After an hour or so I was back to my normal self. So what do you do when you feel like you again? Shop duh. Oh and take pics of yourself, what else.

Well I popped to H&M after my saviour at the dentist and picked up some cute dark denim cropped jeans. I will be wearing them tomorrow because I am that kind of person. Buy it Monday wear it Tuesday. Today I decided to rock my new favourite chinos I brought from H&M last week in two colours might I add. Stone and Navy.  Simple pumps cute T-shirt and I was on my way.

Right I'm off have a good evening.


Hobbs -T-shirt, H&M - chinos, Primark - pumps, eBay - necklace

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