Friday, 7 September 2012

Thank you!

Hiiiii guys,

So today the sun was blazing and I decided to go for a smart look. I really have bad timing what possessed me? Nudge nudge, wink wink?

Oh I wanted to mention how I chose the title for my post before I forget. The title came from a guy saying 'thank you' to me. Here's the story I was crossing the road and this guy made sure I had space to cross the road he directed me across the road with his hand (confused right) anyways I said thank you and then he replied 'no thank you'. How random is that. Men eh.

Anyways guess what I'm rocking today? Hobbs. As Cilla says, surprise surprise. My wardrobe is basically Hobbs now. This is a straight lined smart dress teamed with my comfortable black and white Hobbs 30th anniversary shoes. Out of all the shoes I own from Hobbs these are the best. I can be in them all day and feel fine. Ladies isn't that rare.

I also wanted to end the outfit with a pearl bracelet as I see many business women wearing pearls with their attire. I thought go on girl join the club.

Well guys I'm gonna shoot off, spending the evening relaxing with the Mr.

Hobbs Dress - Hobbs - braclet, Hobbs - shoes

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