Monday, 24 September 2012

The mac is back

Hi y'all,

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of Sunday Chill post. Don't worry I slapped myself on the wrist for it, but I'm on it.

So ladies yes it's winter, don't get it twisted. That clean crisp cold that hits you first thing in the morning, that rain that smacks you in the face and the wind that fucks up your hair. Oh and yes when it get's pitch black by 6pm thats winter peering its cold head.

Therefore the mac is back. Today I teamed my adorable H&M dress with my Hobbs mac. Not forgetting my Hobbs 30th anniversary shoes. I have been waiting to wear my mac for a year so secrey I'm happy.

Ladies dig deep or purchase a lovely, sophisticated mac for autumn winter. A mac can really change up your whole outfit. Go on ladies make that autumn winter transition.



Saturday, 22 September 2012

I got my Ted

H&M - jumper, H&M - Jeans, Primark - pumps, Ted Baker - bag 

Hey guys,

So here's a long overdue up to date post. After all the ish that's been happening this week I had to go and treat myself and get my Ted. I have been eyeing this bag FOREVER!!!!! 

Today I had to treat myself, I have been walking past the House of Fraser store in Central London and this bag just keeps looking at me.  So I finally went in and made my purchase, I only paid £40.00 for the bag being that its Ted Baker that's an absolute bargain. I will be using the shit out of this bag. Woop woop.

Oh yeah H&M have soooo much sale going on and you know when I see sale I literally run in. I got this adorable jumper for £7. The colour got my attention straight away. I have so much to show you guys but its just about getting round to it.

My wardrobe is ridiculous but I cant help stop picking up bargains so you know I will always have something new.

Anyways I'm outtie heading to dads for some gooood food. 


Smart as you could get

Hobbs - dress, H&M - Belt, Dorothy Perkins shoes


Sorry guys I have been M.I.A this week. It has been crazy manic. I've had interviews and a whole load of other stuff going on. So I really haven't had the time to upload.

This was an outfit that I managed to take a pic of earlier in the week, I freaking love this dress it fits like a dream and just generally flattering to my shape. 

You know the score quick upload gotta run.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday chill - Relax, don't do it

Hi guys,

Wow what a weekend. I have been rushing around trying to get to places on time. All I want to do now is chill.

So yesterday I went to a friends blessing for her baby. I literally rushed from work to my house to get changed and then go. Then I had to leave after an hour because I had to rush to go home and get changed again for a convention.

I swear all this rushing around is not good for my body. Anyways I wanted to show you the dress I wore to the convention but brandy, ginger ale and courvoisier prevented me from taking any decent pics.

The only decent pic that I could muster up was one of my head looool. You can see the print in the dress but don't worry I put up a full pic of the dress. Its the Hobbs Betsy dress, sexy little leopard number.

Well, I'm off, got to work out what errands need to be done next week.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Freedom

Hi guys,

Real quick, today was a day off so I was out and about running errands, getting ready for the weekend. Plans are attend a friends christening and clubbing. Cannot wait I already have the outfits for the occasions.

Always be prepared its gets you everywhere in life.


H&M - jeans, Hobbs - shirt, Primark - pumps

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Love leather

Evening guys,

Leather is the talk of the day. How do you wear your leather? Jacket? Trousers? Dress like me? I normally wear leather in the form of a jacket. Leather is a funny one either you can pull it off or you just can't.

Whenever I think of leather I think of mature women trying to wear learher trousers like they did back in the 80's. Or middle aged men going through a mid life crisis. In there head leather equates to youth. Poor souls. 

So yeah I wore my leather dress today and I got the most amount of looks. Has no one seen a leather dress before? Random. Surprisingly the dress kept me cool, none of this overheating ish like Ross in Friends lol. 

I'm still on track with the wear everything in my wardrobe. But I have to confess I have been adding to thw wardrobe, yes I've been shopping I need to update you all. Lets just say I've brough brought bright green jeans, shirts and other bits. You gotta see it, I'm not crazy. But anywho I'm of to sleep early start and all that.



Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Wonderful Tuesday

Hi yall,

Oh what a wonderful Tuesday it is. Why do I say this you ask? Well I am manger free for the next week and a half at work. Now after three lets all say yes, 1.2.3 YES!! I could not believe my luck when I was told this. I feel like god has been listening to me. I already feel stress free, funny that eh.

Right I feel like I have to let something off chest. So I had an interview recently with a luxury lingerie brand and you know what the interview was a bunch of bull. Get this I arrived there an hour early, I was informed I'm too early and I should go and do something then come back. Er no hunny I'm early and I can happily wait.

Then the assistant manager comes in pretending to be a decent person. Gives me a quick something to do no biggie. She goes away and comes back with the manager waddling because she's pregnant. Don't worry I  love pregnant women. So anyway's the manager interviews me for 30 minutes lets just say it was a load of bollocks. Asking a person questions that can be clearly answered by looking at my CV is just unbelievable. 

Having your assistant just stare at someone in an interview without saying anything is just plain uncomfortable. Telling a candidate that you have more CV's to look at is just plain rude. Company's need to stop wasting people's time by calling them in and telling them there not what there looking for.

Wow that felt good it's off my chest. Now back to the task at hand today's outfit. I am in my cropped squin jeans that I brought yesterday from H&M. I freaking love them. Soft, sexy, they are the shit. I'm also rocking my hobbs cord shirt with frills lol. Gotta love it.  

Wow what a wonderful Tuesday. A little rant is always good for you're soul. 


Hobbs - shirt, H&M - jeans, Primark - pumps

Monday, 10 September 2012

Toothache Monday

Hi guys,

So you guessed it, its tooth ache Monday. I couldn't do my Sunday Chill post yesterday because my tooth would not allow me too. For all of you that knows how much a tooth ache hurts, I know you feel my pain.

Today saw me go into work on a early shift and leave 2 hours later. The dentist chair was calling my name. After an hour or so I was back to my normal self. So what do you do when you feel like you again? Shop duh. Oh and take pics of yourself, what else.

Well I popped to H&M after my saviour at the dentist and picked up some cute dark denim cropped jeans. I will be wearing them tomorrow because I am that kind of person. Buy it Monday wear it Tuesday. Today I decided to rock my new favourite chinos I brought from H&M last week in two colours might I add. Stone and Navy.  Simple pumps cute T-shirt and I was on my way.

Right I'm off have a good evening.


Hobbs -T-shirt, H&M - chinos, Primark - pumps, eBay - necklace

Friday, 7 September 2012

Thank you!

Hiiiii guys,

So today the sun was blazing and I decided to go for a smart look. I really have bad timing what possessed me? Nudge nudge, wink wink?

Oh I wanted to mention how I chose the title for my post before I forget. The title came from a guy saying 'thank you' to me. Here's the story I was crossing the road and this guy made sure I had space to cross the road he directed me across the road with his hand (confused right) anyways I said thank you and then he replied 'no thank you'. How random is that. Men eh.

Anyways guess what I'm rocking today? Hobbs. As Cilla says, surprise surprise. My wardrobe is basically Hobbs now. This is a straight lined smart dress teamed with my comfortable black and white Hobbs 30th anniversary shoes. Out of all the shoes I own from Hobbs these are the best. I can be in them all day and feel fine. Ladies isn't that rare.

I also wanted to end the outfit with a pearl bracelet as I see many business women wearing pearls with their attire. I thought go on girl join the club.

Well guys I'm gonna shoot off, spending the evening relaxing with the Mr.

Hobbs Dress - Hobbs - braclet, Hobbs - shoes

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Just a little more time

Hi guys,

Have you ever come across a time where you just needed a little mote time? I think we've all had that. I could do with some more time. Just a couple more hours in the day, 24 hours is not enough lol.

Who heard about the death of the green mile main character? Talk about shocked, just makes you think you don't know how much time you have on this earth. The thing is you could ask for more time but what will be will be. Just do your best and good will come of it.

So after all that babble what am I wearing today? Since you asked I'm wearing my Hobbs limited edition skirt, NW3 blazer, H&M vest top and guess what? Primark pumps.

I'm still on track with my wear EVERYTHING in my wardrobe task. Go me. Right I'm rushing off I need to run some errands so speak soon.


Hobbs limited edition skirt, - H&M vest top - (Necklace old), Hobbs - blazer, Primark pumps

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Let's keep it moving

Hi guys,

I am uploading real quick because this week is hectic. I have a lot of research to do for upcoming stuff I will fill u all in once it's all over.

The sun out, so the legs come out. Quickie post Hobbs clothes primark pumps. You know the drill Lool

Hobbs - dress, Primark - pumps

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Chill - enroute to the 02

Hi guys,

Right enroute to the 02 for a comedy night so this is going to be quick. The night is Nigeria va Ghana vs Jamaica.

Being that I am Jamaican for those of you that didn't know. I am obviously going to support. My partner and two of his family members will also join us. Its going to be hilarious, I know its going to be a crazy night.

I decided to wear my Hobbs dress (sample sale £10) and my Hobbs 30th anniversary shoes, again sample sale £10. I picked these up awhile ago but have yet to wear them, that's until now.

Oh FYI my laptop isn't working so at the moment I'm uploading from my phone so the layout comes out differently. Please excuse.

So yep that's about it cant wait to have a good night.

Hobbs dress - Hobbs 30th Anniversary shoes