Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What will be will be

Evening all,

Ahhhhh my laptop is playing up you would not believe what happened. I was updating my blog earlier next thing u know the laptop just turns off and then it doesn't turn on. Are you kidding me, its time for an upgrade. The Ipad is definitely the next buy.
Right back to whats scheduled, I am wearing this lovely little number from Hobbs, I picked this straight up when I saw it at the sample sale simply because its got horses on it. Can you see them in the picture? I've loved horses since I was a child. When I saw Black Beauty it took my breath away. So yeah I was this today at work and every girls nightmare came true. Whats that you say, there was another lady at work wearing the SAME dress. Ahhhhhhhh! She called us twins. Well whatever I must have good taste loool.

So anyways I'm outtie catch you tomorrow, sample sale Friday ahhhhhh.


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