Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Chill - Bag hunting

Zara - Plaited Shopper

eBay - Two Tone Shopper

Very - Green Canvas Shopper

eBay  - Leather Shopper

Evening guys,

It's Sunday and the sun is out but guess what I'm doing? Bag hunting. How did you guys know (I'm being sarky). So, I mentioned a couple days back in my post that I never really show my bags when I take outfit shot's simply because I don't have any bags. Ok, maybe not any, as I look over at my wall I count 10 bags but how many of them can I use day to day probably 2. Do you see my dilemma guys this is why I am bag hunting.

Now I have noticed every girl and her mum carrying around the Zara shopper bag. I freaking love that bag but everyone has it. I am in love with the shopper style bag but I'm a have to be different. Through a whole day's search, I know sad or what but I have found a few that I'm thinking of getting. 

I put them in preference order and no you are not seeing things the Zara bag did creep in to my list. I couldn't resist it but the others are simply and durable. I know I need a durable bag with all my 'ish going in it. I was only thinking of getting one of the bags but actually F that I want all of them. It wont hurt my pocket though why? Because I'm bargain babe and I will get them at a bargain price.

Let me know your favourite guys?


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