Friday, 24 August 2012

Love the brand you work for

New Look - Dress, NW3 Boyfriend Jacket
Primark - pumps, Rampage bag, New Look - bracelet

Hi dolls, wow the last day of work has ended, let the bank holiday weekend begin. 

I have to quickly tell you guys, whilst at work I overheard a conversation. I heard a lady say to a colleague you should love the brand you work for. I thought to myself it sounds good on paper but realistically it isn't like that. A job is a job, yeah we have good days and and bad days but like I said a job is a job. Isn't it funny how you only hear those people who actually love there job say shit like that.

Anyways, today I was rocking all blue everything. Bloody hell maybe I should have broken up the colours a little, oh well I'm still feeling the outfit. So as I am still on the wear everything in my wardrobe vibe I threw on my NW3 blazer and I made sure I used my Rampage bag. My partner brought the bag for me years ago. what has it been doing since then? Just hanging on my wall. Even he doesn't remember buying it. I know I never really show my  jackets, that's just pure laziness. When it comes to bags I just don't show them why? Because I haven't got any loool. I'm actually on eBay now trying to bid for some bags.

Well guys gotta love ya and leave ya, I'm off. Tomorrow its a Friends birthday and I am going to party like it's 1999.


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  1. such a cute outfit , i love the way that dress looks on you xoxo