Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dont kill Bill?

Hobbs - shirt, River Island Jeans, Hobbs - shoes

Hey guys,

So tonight I went out for a friends Bday in Dalston.  It was a nice night but a bit of a sweat box. As the weather was shit, rain, wind and god knows whatever else came my way I made the right choice of wearing jeans, forget the dress.

I did however make sure I wore my new Hobbs 30th Anniversary shoes, the Molton Peep Toe Court's. Obviously I picked them up at the sample sale. I have to be honest guys by the end of the night Oh my god I was thinking forget Kill Bill, Kill Charmaine. My feet were killing in the shoes. Yeah they are cute as fuck but comfort? Forget it. I can deal with tight shoes because ladies we know that they stretch but these I'm a need a miracle. I'm going to have to find some magic insoles to make these comfortable. 

Anyways I was in a blue again, damn it but whatever. Kept it simple and sexy cute shirt ( ignore the creases) and tight ass jeans.

Right I'm off guys speak soon.


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