Saturday, 18 August 2012

Barbecue Saturday

NW3 - Hankins pleat dress, Primark - tan belt

Evening guys,

Today I had an urge to do a little barbecue. Whilst at work talking to my colleagues the topic of barbecues came up. It's funny how it always comes up when the sun is blazing outside isn't it. So anyways after work I rushed home to jump into my car and go to the local supermarket and stock up on my supplies. You know the usual burgers, sausages, drumsticks, corn on the cob and chicken. 

Well lets just say this girl done good. Iceland provide a 25 piece BBQ selection for £5 you get: 9 Pork & beef jumbo sausages, 8 chicken drumsticks and 8 jumbo beef burgers. Guys they tasted sooooo good. Mum, brother and boyfriend were licking there fingers. I started the barbecue at 7pm in the daylight by the time I finished at half 8/9 it was dark. I swear the time is slowly changing.

Oh and lets not forget what I'm barbecuing in my NW3 Hankins pleat dress. I absolutely loooove this dress. Its so easy to wear, its floaty and just damn cute. Again I got this from the Hobbs sample sale another bargain buy.

Well I'm off guys. enjoy the weather.


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