Thursday, 30 August 2012

The only way is up

NW3 - Blazer, -Primark - Vest top, Hobbs - Cardi, River Island - Jeans, Primark pumps

Hey, hey, hey

The only way is up guys, the only way is up. The next couple of days are looking up which is why I'm looking up to life. I wont say whats happening as yet but I'm feeling good will update you soon. You know whenever you feel down just say a little prayer because god will answer you're prayers. He sure did mine.

Enough of that preachy stuff. The weather is turning guys, rain, wind and just pure crap. What does that mean to me? It means I'm keeping my legs covered believe me. Jeans and a cardi all week, lets keep it moving.

Right I'm off to do some research for next week, oh yeah guess what tomorrow is "Sample sale Friday". Woop Wooop! I have a couple friends coming down to indulge, should be fun.

Bye guys


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What will be will be

Evening all,

Ahhhhh my laptop is playing up you would not believe what happened. I was updating my blog earlier next thing u know the laptop just turns off and then it doesn't turn on. Are you kidding me, its time for an upgrade. The Ipad is definitely the next buy.
Right back to whats scheduled, I am wearing this lovely little number from Hobbs, I picked this straight up when I saw it at the sample sale simply because its got horses on it. Can you see them in the picture? I've loved horses since I was a child. When I saw Black Beauty it took my breath away. So yeah I was this today at work and every girls nightmare came true. Whats that you say, there was another lady at work wearing the SAME dress. Ahhhhhhhh! She called us twins. Well whatever I must have good taste loool.

So anyways I'm outtie catch you tomorrow, sample sale Friday ahhhhhh.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Yes officer

Hobbs - shirt, H&M - jeans
eBay - bracelet, H&M - suede pumps

Night all,

Guys I am gutted right now, I tell you why. I went to Notting Hill Carnival yesterday (if you don't know Google it). I was representing my countries coulours, Yellow, Black and Green - Jamaica of course. I wanted to take a pic, lets put it like this, before me and my mate even stepped into Carnival we were already tipsy so those photos were a no go.

But you know I didnt let the team down. I basically went in the black jeans shown above, my black flatform's, green bootube and a see through yellow vest top. Whistle and horn yep that was me it was JA all the way baby. The vibe was unbelievable, Caribbean food everywhere, alcohol everywhere, music blaring I think I'm ready for Rio Carnival, sexy, sexy. If you haven't been you need to go, experience it once in your life.

So back to today's ish, I swear I think I look like an officer with the white shirt and black jeans. Just give me a baton and its on. NO, NO not really, we do not promote violence over here. But hey what officer do you know that can rock orange pumps, no mother fucking one that's who. I really wanted to wear heels today but yesterdays walking up and down in flaforms killed me.

Well this officer is going to hit the hay and shout you all tomorrow.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Chill - Bag hunting

Zara - Plaited Shopper

eBay - Two Tone Shopper

Very - Green Canvas Shopper

eBay  - Leather Shopper

Evening guys,

It's Sunday and the sun is out but guess what I'm doing? Bag hunting. How did you guys know (I'm being sarky). So, I mentioned a couple days back in my post that I never really show my bags when I take outfit shot's simply because I don't have any bags. Ok, maybe not any, as I look over at my wall I count 10 bags but how many of them can I use day to day probably 2. Do you see my dilemma guys this is why I am bag hunting.

Now I have noticed every girl and her mum carrying around the Zara shopper bag. I freaking love that bag but everyone has it. I am in love with the shopper style bag but I'm a have to be different. Through a whole day's search, I know sad or what but I have found a few that I'm thinking of getting. 

I put them in preference order and no you are not seeing things the Zara bag did creep in to my list. I couldn't resist it but the others are simply and durable. I know I need a durable bag with all my 'ish going in it. I was only thinking of getting one of the bags but actually F that I want all of them. It wont hurt my pocket though why? Because I'm bargain babe and I will get them at a bargain price.

Let me know your favourite guys?


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dont kill Bill?

Hobbs - shirt, River Island Jeans, Hobbs - shoes

Hey guys,

So tonight I went out for a friends Bday in Dalston.  It was a nice night but a bit of a sweat box. As the weather was shit, rain, wind and god knows whatever else came my way I made the right choice of wearing jeans, forget the dress.

I did however make sure I wore my new Hobbs 30th Anniversary shoes, the Molton Peep Toe Court's. Obviously I picked them up at the sample sale. I have to be honest guys by the end of the night Oh my god I was thinking forget Kill Bill, Kill Charmaine. My feet were killing in the shoes. Yeah they are cute as fuck but comfort? Forget it. I can deal with tight shoes because ladies we know that they stretch but these I'm a need a miracle. I'm going to have to find some magic insoles to make these comfortable. 

Anyways I was in a blue again, damn it but whatever. Kept it simple and sexy cute shirt ( ignore the creases) and tight ass jeans.

Right I'm off guys speak soon.


Friday, 24 August 2012

Love the brand you work for

New Look - Dress, NW3 Boyfriend Jacket
Primark - pumps, Rampage bag, New Look - bracelet

Hi dolls, wow the last day of work has ended, let the bank holiday weekend begin. 

I have to quickly tell you guys, whilst at work I overheard a conversation. I heard a lady say to a colleague you should love the brand you work for. I thought to myself it sounds good on paper but realistically it isn't like that. A job is a job, yeah we have good days and and bad days but like I said a job is a job. Isn't it funny how you only hear those people who actually love there job say shit like that.

Anyways, today I was rocking all blue everything. Bloody hell maybe I should have broken up the colours a little, oh well I'm still feeling the outfit. So as I am still on the wear everything in my wardrobe vibe I threw on my NW3 blazer and I made sure I used my Rampage bag. My partner brought the bag for me years ago. what has it been doing since then? Just hanging on my wall. Even he doesn't remember buying it. I know I never really show my  jackets, that's just pure laziness. When it comes to bags I just don't show them why? Because I haven't got any loool. I'm actually on eBay now trying to bid for some bags.

Well guys gotta love ya and leave ya, I'm off. Tomorrow its a Friends birthday and I am going to party like it's 1999.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Charlotte's the name

Hobbs - Charlotte dress

eBay - bracelet
NW3 - brogues

Evening all,

Charlotte's the name. What am I talking about? Today I am wearing the Hobbs Charlotte dress. It's old season but boy is it cute. Hobbs are currently selling it on line so you can pick this up. Today's outfit was last When I got off the tube during the day I was bloody boiling luckily the evening faired better and I was no longer hot under the collar. Talking about collars the cool thing about this dress is the fake collar on the dress. Yep its just imprinted on the dress, freaking love it.

So I threw on my NW3 brogues I brought about a month ago and have yet to wear. I am however doing good with this wear everything I got in my closet thing. Then I decided to actually wear jewellery today, I couldn't wear anything else apart from my pearl charm bracelet.

Well for all you Londoners one more day of work and its a long bank holiday. One word CARNIVAL!!! As my excitment attempts to get the best of me I'm off to bed. Night.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I got chills

eBay - Scarf, Primark - vest top, New look, Jeans, Barratts - wedges

Evening, evening,

Yes I have chills. Why? Because pay day is around the corner and sample sale is coming up. Ok so technically its next week but it feels like it's tomorrow. I am a addict to clothes you just can never have enough. Too many clothes but not enough bodies.

I have been thinking recently and I have decided to set myself a challenge of actually wearing everything (where appropriate) in my wardrobe. How many times can you say you have worn everything in your wardrobe? Probably not many. 

Today I sort of put that challenge to use by wearing my adorable wedges that I brought how many years ago from Barratts. These babies are soooo cute I don't ever want to throw them away. As we don't have much sun in the England they hardly see the light of day. Today they deserved some shine.

I couldn't imagine teaming my skinnies with any other wedge. Oh god I've just realized, I'm going to have to wear the heels that are stashed away under my bed if I'm to wear everything in my wardrobe. Might need to re-think this challenge lol


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Flatforms forever

Priimark - T-shirt, H&M Skinny jeans

Primark - flatforms

Evening guys,

Flatforms, Flatforms, Flatforms, Flatforms, I cannot say that enough. Guys I simply cannot rave enough about my Flatforms. These must be the most comfortable shoe's I have ever worn. I got them from Primark when they first came out. I think I paid  £12.00 for them. 

I freaking LOVE them. Today I was feeling in that Flatform mood and I had to put them on. Seriously who thought of Flatforms? Let me know so I can give that person the biggest kiss they have ever got in there life. Yeah I know some people cannot stand the way they look I just don't give a fuck. There beautiful in my eyes.

To all those ladies who hasn't got a pair yet? Don't be shy just open that purse and let it do the talking. As my Flatforms rest peacefully so will mommy.



Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday come down

NW3 Belmont dress

Hi guys,

Great its Monday again. I can't believe how quick the weekend went by, two barbecues, sun blazing and now the Monday comedown. As I dragged myself into work today I thought please god let this week go by quickly so Friday can hurry up and come. Roll on long bank holiday weekend.

So back to business as the weather is cooling down I'm not sure what to wear. I don't want the rain to catch me without a jacket, oh England you are a hard country to judge lol. Today I opted to wear my NW3 Belmont dress.  Great casual piece that keeps you warm when the sun is scared to come out.

I'm just being silly. I do love this dress, if you've read my blog over the past few months you know I enjoy easy, comfortable pieces. Throw on and go pieces, so this fits the bill.

Right guy's I'm outtie, will catch you tomorrow.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Chill - Barbecue part two

Hi guys,

Guess what there's another barbecue curtsey of my dad. Good weather always equals barbecues as you all know.

Here's just a quick pic of what I had on the day. Lets just say my stomach was very satisfied.


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Barbecue Saturday

NW3 - Hankins pleat dress, Primark - tan belt

Evening guys,

Today I had an urge to do a little barbecue. Whilst at work talking to my colleagues the topic of barbecues came up. It's funny how it always comes up when the sun is blazing outside isn't it. So anyways after work I rushed home to jump into my car and go to the local supermarket and stock up on my supplies. You know the usual burgers, sausages, drumsticks, corn on the cob and chicken. 

Well lets just say this girl done good. Iceland provide a 25 piece BBQ selection for £5 you get: 9 Pork & beef jumbo sausages, 8 chicken drumsticks and 8 jumbo beef burgers. Guys they tasted sooooo good. Mum, brother and boyfriend were licking there fingers. I started the barbecue at 7pm in the daylight by the time I finished at half 8/9 it was dark. I swear the time is slowly changing.

Oh and lets not forget what I'm barbecuing in my NW3 Hankins pleat dress. I absolutely loooove this dress. Its so easy to wear, its floaty and just damn cute. Again I got this from the Hobbs sample sale another bargain buy.

Well I'm off guys. enjoy the weather.


Thursday, 16 August 2012

When is it my time?

NW3 Wells Shift Dress,


First thing I want to say is I am tired. Boy these early morning shifts are killing and I am glad I am off work tomorrow. The bags under my eyes are saying hi to everyone lol. Not cute.

So anyways today a friend told me she had a job interview Monday and they would let her know by Thursday if she has a second interview. Well she got a call today and they said forget the second interview were going to offer you the job. I was ecstatic for her I jumped up gave her the biggest hug and said I am so proud of you.

But I couldn't help thinking when is it going to be my turn. I know jobs are out there but it sure is hard getting them I have never looked for this long. Sometimes I feel like screaming Ahhhhhhh!!!! Well anyways I wont give up because its not in my nature.

Right back to the topic at hand CLOTHES. That sure does make me happy. Today I wore my NW3 Wells Shift dress I picked it up in the sample sale for £10. It comes with a belt but I just took it off it was bothering me. NW3 as a collection is real fitted so its always best going up a size. This dress is a size 8 I should have got a size 10. I think that every time I struggle to take it off.

Right all I'm off, my bed is crying out for me.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012


NW3 - Blazer, Hobbs - Military shirt, H&M - Jeans, Primark - pumps
Hi guys,

Orange white and blue was the theme of the day. If I do say do myself I was loving today's outfit. As Covergirlsays Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. It was easy to throw on, light material and beautiful colours.

The sun has gone back into hiding but us Londoners can somewhat feel it. With weather like this this sort of clothing is perfect. Don't forget as it London the rain is never to far away.

So how's everyone else doing out there?