Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Chill - My minds in overdrive

Hi I am still here,

Firstly I know I haven't been posting regularly like I usually do. This week has seen major ups and major downs. All in one week? Absolute madness.

I have been given brilliant news from friends as well as faced decisions that make you really think twice about your life. Basically my mind has been in overdrive. Now lets not forget that being the girl no woman I am I have gone through these emotions whilst looking cute. We cannot forget that lol. (I should of really taken pics but oh well).

Whats material 'ish when your world is changing hey? Now I'm not trying to get deep on you all believe me simply because I'm really not a deep person. That's not me trying to dumb myself down but that's just how it is.

Now I was going to make a second point but I cant remember what that point was? Don't think it was that important lol. Oh I have been reading the comments left on my blog, thanks guys.

Regular posting will resume from next week. Bye dolls.


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