Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ebay gives me a good feeling

Hot air balloon necklce

Triangle necklace

Grey gradiant tights

Hi all,

Last night I had an urge to get some necklaces on eBay.  I've realised I don't really show jewellery with my outfits on my blog. I need to get in the habit of doing that. 

I was trawling my favourite sellers shops and I could not believe what I came across. I saw the hot air balloon necklace currently on sale in New Look at £5.99. I adored this necklace in store. Low and behold my favourite seller is selling it at £1.27, now I knew there was a reason why I have them as my favourite seller. 

I then came across a triangle necklace. Actually I really like the models outfit with the necklace. Hmm think I need  a long jumpsuit lol.

Then omg I found gradient tights. Where have I been when these first came out. I freaking love them. They come in all different colours, yellow, blue, purple, green you get the picture.

I cannot wait for these to come. Well guys I'm off I need a chocolate rush.


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