Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Chill - Recover

Primark - Dipped Hem shirt, H&M - glitter skirt, Zara - Bow Shoes, eBay - Jewllery

Whats so funny?

Afternoon, Afternoon

As I'm writing this post it is pouring down outside, its been said on the news that the UK is officially in a drought, er by looking outside I beg to differ. I really don't want to go out there but I have to, girl has some errands to run.

Anyways as you can tell from the above I was out last night. It was a mates birthday so I went to shake a leg. I decided to finally wear my glitter skirt as seen here I also wore my favourite newly purchased dipped hem shirt from Primark. It is open at the back, my mate took a pic but by the time I get the pic it will be next week lol. So I just decided to upload anyway.

Oh I wanted to show the last pic simple because I think its hilarious. I cant even remember what was so funny. Right I'm gonna get up jump in the shower and make my way through his horrible weather.

Have a lovely afternoon.


Saturday, 28 April 2012

I love America

New Look - T-shirt, New Look -  skinny jeans, Primark - Scarf, eBay - Bangles

Hi guys,

Wow what a week I have had, we've had new starters at work, returners? You know the ones that leave and come back but more importantly as a newly single lady I have managed to bag myself a date and we all know what that means? I had to buy a new outfit.

Don't worry I wasn't wearing the above, well partially.  I only wore the skinny jeans but you know your girl teamed it with a sexy black dipped hem top. (I wanted to show you guys but I went straight to bed when I got back).

Anyways on my shopping trip for my date outfit I got distracted and I ended up buying my American flag T-shirt. Let me tell you I have been looking for a T-shirt like this for ages, all the ones I have seen around looked cheap so this fit the bill perfectly.

So today's post is a thumbs up to America. Peace out man.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Party Outfit

New look -Top, Primark - Shorts

Hi guys,

Well its Tuesday already. I am crazy tired from work they have me on early shifts so all I want to do when I get home is sleep.

I was meaning to post yesterday well that never happened. People that know me know I like to go out and party, that automatically means new outfits in my head and I just love getting dolled up. So I will be uploading more pics of me in that mode just because it will show a different side to me.

I was out Saturday for a mates Bday drink and I wore a simple black sleeveless top and these adorable print shorts from guess where? Primark. These shorts are freaking ridiculous the print is gorgeous and they are just easy to wear.

It was all about the shorts. What do you think?


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Chill - Tired or hungover?


So as you can guess I am tired from last night I was out on the town and I am beyond tired  maybe hungover actually no just tired.

The only thing I did productive today was get a little and I mean a little bit of washing done. 

Anywhoo I am off to sleep again I will be up bright and early tomorrow ready to face the world.

Night guys

Friday, 20 April 2012

Recent buys - Girl loves her scarf

Hand painted scarf - Brown
Hand painted scarf - Yellow

Leopard print Watermellon Red scarf

Leopard print Orange scarf

Leopard print Blue scarf

Candy Blue scarf

Cold Friday

Scarf - eBay, Jumper - H&M, Vest top - Primark, Silver jeans - H&M, Boots - Zara

Hi guys,

Wow it feels like I haven't done an outfit post it bloody ages. I'm going to partially blame the UK weather for my lack of post's because I am mainly outside when I do these post's. Guy's let me tell you one minute its sunny then it is dark outside and rain come's poring down, then sun again, then bloody hailstones. I mean come on I have not been impressed with the weather in the past week.

So as I haven't been standing outside saying mum turn that way, wait no take the shot like this lol bless her I've been tucked up in bed on eBay. My new obsession is scarfs. Right now I need them because it is to windy in the UK.

I will be posting my recent buys in the next few miutes so you can see what I have indulged in.

Right I'm just going to pop on to eBay just to see what they got, so I'm off.

Bye guy's enjoy your Friday night


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I got my eye on you

Grey T

Orange T

Ethnic Print Dress

Evening guys,

Wow it is Tuesday already this week is flying. Hope everyone is ok? If not cheer up. xx

Right, I am so excited. Why you ask? I'll tell you. I'm excited because I found the above items on eBay. Currently being sold by my favourite seller 97kgallery. I absolutely love them.

You ever get that feeling where you know you can buy something because you know get paid in a couple weeks but you don't want to just in case something happens?

That is how I feel right now. I want all of the above NOW! Payment is one click away but I'm going to hold back until lets say the end of next week maybe Sunday. 

I'm now chanting I must resist, I must resist as you can tell I live a difficult life lol.

Beauts I'm out, CSI is on.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Chill - My minds in overdrive

Hi I am still here,

Firstly I know I haven't been posting regularly like I usually do. This week has seen major ups and major downs. All in one week? Absolute madness.

I have been given brilliant news from friends as well as faced decisions that make you really think twice about your life. Basically my mind has been in overdrive. Now lets not forget that being the girl no woman I am I have gone through these emotions whilst looking cute. We cannot forget that lol. (I should of really taken pics but oh well).

Whats material 'ish when your world is changing hey? Now I'm not trying to get deep on you all believe me simply because I'm really not a deep person. That's not me trying to dumb myself down but that's just how it is.

Now I was going to make a second point but I cant remember what that point was? Don't think it was that important lol. Oh I have been reading the comments left on my blog, thanks guys.

Regular posting will resume from next week. Bye dolls.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Girls needs her T-Shirt's

Hi strangers,

I've been M.I.A for a minute but I'm back after the Easter break. I had to adjust to work life and what better way for me to adjust but with a little pick me up in Primark. Work and shopping goes hand in hand in my world lol. 

Now, how cute are the puppies on the first T-Shirt? This will be worn tomorrow with sheer delight. I am a big fan of dogs and I want one. My mum doesn't like them, never has and never will and I have been denied, doggy happiness for far to long. Hopefully in the future my husband (wherever you are) will want one.

I love the second T-Shirt purely because of the photo's on it. It just looks like real life and that drew me in.

Thirdly I picked up the last T-Shirt just for the colour. That green? Shooooot it looks good on me lol.

I'm feeling good today, how you feeling? 


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Chill - Maybe not chilled

Primark - Flower dress

Hi guys,

It's that time again Sunday chill. Ok, ok technically its Easter Sunday and I feel like this day needs a celebration of some sort. 

My plan is to go to my dads where there will be fun, laughter and FOOD. After that I will be heading out to shake my leg in my newly purchased flower dress.

I have been eyeing up all sorts of flower printed shirts, dresses, leggings you name it. When I came across this dress I got excited. It is quite a tight fitting dress. As we all know Primark's clothes are not the usual fit. I first saw the last size 8 hanging up and I thought result. I power walked to the changing room put the dress over my head and one arm went in. Yeah that was the end of that it didn't fit. I was gutted there were no other sizes.

I walked out the changing room disappointed. As I walked back over to where I saw the dress low and behold they just put out all sizes. I quickly picked up a size 10 and 12 just in case. The 10 fit just right and thats the end of that.

Have a great  Easter guys.


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ebay gives me a good feeling

Hot air balloon necklce

Triangle necklace

Grey gradiant tights

Hi all,

Last night I had an urge to get some necklaces on eBay.  I've realised I don't really show jewellery with my outfits on my blog. I need to get in the habit of doing that. 

I was trawling my favourite sellers shops and I could not believe what I came across. I saw the hot air balloon necklace currently on sale in New Look at £5.99. I adored this necklace in store. Low and behold my favourite seller is selling it at £1.27, now I knew there was a reason why I have them as my favourite seller. 

I then came across a triangle necklace. Actually I really like the models outfit with the necklace. Hmm think I need  a long jumpsuit lol.

Then omg I found gradient tights. Where have I been when these first came out. I freaking love them. They come in all different colours, yellow, blue, purple, green you get the picture.

I cannot wait for these to come. Well guys I'm off I need a chocolate rush.


Friday, 6 April 2012

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Little (long) black dress

Black dress - eBay (97K-Gallery eBay shop)

Hi guys,

How are we all? I'm good just watching 'The Apprentice' whilst I upload.

Now, for some reason I thought I already posted about the above little (long) black dress but I was going through my recent posts and I just couldn't find it. I did only buy the dress on the 31st March but I thought my excitement would have taken over and I would have posted already? Obviously not.

I first saw this dress on eBay and I fell in love straight away. It's sleek, sexy and long, something that I am not used to but hell I know I will make it work. This dress comes in two colours black and green. I got the black first, the safe option. I  am now contemplating getting the green next.

For £11.99, it's a bargain. What do you think guys?


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I'm not buying anymore winter stuff?

Primark - Jumper dress, Pumps

Evening, Evening

Right this morning before work I had to pop to Topshop to return something, now I told myself I'm going to return something then go straight to work. I was out the house at 9 and standing infront of Topshop at 9:10. The sign on the door says open at 9:30, ah hell it was down hill from there.

So what does girl do to kill time? Browse shops of course. The bright lights of Primark was calling me in like a bone to a dog. I strolled in and the above jumper dress and patent pumps got my attention. 

Guys you would have already seen my orange pumps but I had to buy another pair. I love them that much. I also got an adorable jumper dress. When I picked up the jumper dress I overheard a girl say to her friend 'I am not looking at any winter wear' I was thinking hunny look outside summer has not kicked in yet. Oh and it rained today, bet shes thinking twice now.

I'm a keep buying bright coloured winter 'ish till the sun kicks me in the face.

Night guys


Monday, 2 April 2012

I am a hoot

Primark - Owl T-Shirt, H&M - shorts , Primark - Brogues

Hi guys,

Well its another week, I am actually looking forward to this week because its Easter week. That means two less day's at work and more importantly Easter eggs. 

My work place has the office Easter eggs not far form where I sit. One other departments are giving them out on Thursday and supposedly we cannot choose what we get, well I have a mate on the inside so I'm sure she can sort me out. (Wow I sound real dodge).

Anyways back to my recent bargain buys. I have been eyeing an owl T-Shirt by Hobbs NW3, it is around £30 but it hasn't been released yet. I have only seen a sample. So whilst I was in Primark last week buying endless amounts of T-Shirts what did I come across? An owl T-Shirt. 

I had to buy the above T-Shirt. The glasses on the Owl is beyond cute and actually the owl on the NW3 T-shirt is only small and for £30 I wanna see that mother f***** lol. My T-Shirt has the sentence 'I am a hoot' and actually I think I am a hoot so this top was made for me. Oh and it was only £3.00, bargain or what.

Alright guys I'm out, girl needs her beauty sleep lol.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Chill - Camden's calling

Primark - shirt, New Look - Jeans, Primark - Pumps


The sun is back and that means Charmaine is out and about. I was up this morning bright and early running some errands before the new work week starts. I threw on this casual outfit and a denim blazer. Sorry I should of added it to the pic. 

Guys you will be seeing these orange pumps a lot. I am just living in them basically they just make me happy. I do like the simple things in life.

Right I'm off to change into something else, I am looking forward to a chilled day.

Enjoy your Sunday guys.