Monday, 26 March 2012

Pop of colour

Blazer - Hobbs, T-Shirt - Select, Shorts - New Look, Pumps - Primark, Jewellery - eBay

Hi all,

So, I have made it to a new week and I feel like whatever lies ahead, let it rear its lovely head. 

I was told by a friend yesterday that it is now officially the start of British summer. As it is widely known British summer is questionable. I am however being optimistic and I am doing my part to feel Summery. 

I have decided to add a pop of colour to my outfit. I threw on (I don't know why I always say throw on, maybe because I actually do that but anyways) the above shorts which I brought earlier this year. Actually I haven't even worn them until today. Looking at the shorts now why has it taken me so long to wear them? Tut tut Charms, Tut tut Charms.

Lovelies I am going to say bye for now and I will see you soon. 



  1. Cute outfit doll! Loving the purple shorts! Awesome blog! Now following. hope you can visit my blog and follow back if you like !


  2. Hi Lalageorgia,

    You know something I have checked out your blog before. Definetly will follow.

  3. What a great colour of shorts!x

  4. Love the color of your shorts

  5. The color of those shorts are fab!!!!
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