Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Buys

Shorts - H&M, Jumpsuit - H&M

Hey guys,

Well today has been a great day. Early shift at work, went shopping after work and the temperature is starting to warm up a little (emphasis on the word little but any bit of heat in the UK is good).

So yesterday I popped into H&M after work and picked up the above silver shorts. These are specifically for a night out. I'm thinking of teaming it with a bright orangy/red vest top. Shoes? I'm not sure about the colour actually maybe the same colour shoes as the vest top.

Anyways I decided to pop into H&M today to find a top for the shorts but I came across the above jumpsuit. People that know me, know I am the biggest fan of jumpsuit's. When I came across it I just had to get it.

Roll on weekend.



  1. wonderful!! love these shorts and jumpsuit!
    please visit me in free time:)

    1. Hi hun, I will defo check out your blog. Thank you for your comment.