Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Chill - with snow

Outside my front door

Local Park

Alexandra Palace


We finally got it. I'm talking about snow. We heard the rumours, we felt the cold but we had to see it to believe it. The snow finally came to London last night. 

My mum shouted from downstairs saying 'Charmaine its snowing!'. She said it like shes never seen snow before lol. When I woke up this morning I could not believe how much fell last night. I couldn't even see my car. I could imagine when those bloody parking people walk around to check valid permits its going to be a tough job. Oh and I better not catch them trying to wipe the snow away from my car to check either, I will have 'em.

I did venture out and I had to get a couple snaps. The snow is a pretty thing,  I will enjoy it before it turns to the devil, you know what I mean, ice.

Enjoy your Sunday guys.



  1. lol we start to scream all the time when it starts snowing, what up with that?

  2. Beautiful!! I would do the same thing if it started to snow! ahah

    stop by sometime!
    xx Jordana

  3. Ugh, sorry you got snow. After the age of 5 it ceases to be magical in my opinion :) Hoping it stays away from NYC this year!

    1. It's not that bad now, it just snowed for one day and the ice is melting away so it's bearable. Oh and I'm rocking cool wellies will upload a pic lol.

  4. What a great photos, they inspire us!
    You have a great blog too:)

    Come and check out our blog too and share your though;)

    H&C from Amsterdam

    1. Sister sister, thank you, thank you.

  5. Such pretty pictures!