Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Chill - R.I.P Whitney Houston

Afternoon everyone,

Today's Sunday Chill is touched with a bit of sadness. I was woken up by my partner saying Whitney Houston is dead. My first reaction was "what, no she's not dead who told you that?" He replied a friend just told me and its on the news. I went straight to my phone to Google it and sadly yes it was true.

I feel so sad for Whitney as well as her family. I don't care what your situation is because who am I to judge, any passing is devastating. I hope that her family can get through this tough time.

I will be listening to my favourite Whitney songs shortly such as: 
It's not right but its ok
Heartbreak hotel
Count on me
I will always love you

There is just to many to mention. What is your favourite Whitney song?

R.I.P Whitney Houston


  1. such a pity.. she was amazing

    XO, Carmen