Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Chill - Prioritise


I've been meaning to do a post from Friday but I went out, got in late and then I had work Saturday now its Sunday.

I know skater dresses have been around for while and I got a black and white stripe version as seen here However I came across the above leopard skater dress in Primark for £10.00 and it was a must buy. I simply adore it.

Now I want to digress a little. I wanted to touch on something I watched yesterday. It was Whitney Houston's funeral and like many other millions of people I watched the live coverage when I got home. It was so emotional I felt like they brought the church to my home. I never cried over Whitney up until yesterday. I was evident that she was loved for just being Whitney.

The Reverend Marvin Winans spoke straight to me. The one thing that stood out for me was his point on prioritisation. Simply said prioritise means put first what is important to you. We all know this but do we do it?

So to everyone out there please take this on board. Prioritise because life is short.



  1. i love that dress so cute , and you look so stunning in it xoxo

    1. Thanks Mapphi. This dress gives me so much joy.