Thursday, 23 February 2012

Put yourself first

Hey guys,

What a day today has been. I decided to dedicate today to me. We all know that life can be go go go, yeah I like that but sometimes I just want a break. So after my morning job hunt, afternoon clean up, the evening brought around a trip to my local beauty shop. I got a lovely facial that nearly put me to sleep. Now that's when you know its good.

I wanted to go for a smart casual look this evening and my Hobbs blazer did the job. I brought this in the Hobbs sample sale last year but I have only worn it now due to the cold weather. I layered it up by throwing on my favourite poodle jumper and a Hobbs green check shirt (sorry you cant really tell no close up) however I have featured it before. Then I have my favourite pumps on but there on there way out lol.

So now I'm sitting infront of the tv waiting for Kindnap and Ransom to come on, oh and I have take out.

Have a good evening guys,



  1. like the look!
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  2. Thank you QT. I looooove blazers.

  3. i am now following you hope you follow me back!!!

  4. Beautiful look!!!Let's follow each other?