Thursday, 16 February 2012

Oooh chill out

Evening guys,

As I write this post I am doing a big fat sigh! This is because I had the funniest comment made to me today, by a customer.

I picked up the phone and the response was 'oooh who's ruined your day' I thought what a bitch BUT its ok, now I'm laughing at that comment. Therefore my post title is appropriately titled Oooh chill out. 

I demonstrated this by popping out after work for a little pick me up at a beauty salon. As well as driving back with Rick Ross blaring 'I let down my top, I let down my top'. In my case I say 'I roll down my window, I roll down my window lol

I was real kash 'casual' today. Simple red top that I picked up at good old Primark a couple months ago. I threw on a vest top underneath because the top is a bit see through due to the design. Then I paired it with black shorts that are starting to fade in colour.

Three cheers to chilling out. 


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