Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mad Hatter

Howdy partner's

You can now call me the Mad Hatter. In the past week I don't know whats happened to me but I have been buying hat's like mad.

I only used to wear them around winter time but for some reason I just cant get enough of them. I've been trailing the shops trying on all colour and all sizes, I'm still on the hunt for more. 

I was browsing eBay and I brought the above hat because I thought it looked nice. However I think I need to wrap a little scarf around it just to add a little something, something to it. Guy's, I've just realised if it's to small I'm screwed actually, no, no it's ok I will give it to charity it was a bargain anyway.   

See you later


Pepper straw hat = £2.05

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