Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Interview outfit

Afternoon all,

You guessed it I had an interview today but it was last As a result I had nothing to wear. 

My aim for today was to rush to the shops in the morning with a maximum time limit of 2 hours. Then rush back home change and make my way in the afternoon. Here's a tip for everyone do not buy an interview outfit on the day of the interview. It just gives you added stress, stress that you just don't need.

I was considering wearing smart leg trousers and a nice shirt so I was trawling the shops with that in mind. Did I find anything I liked, NO. So I just decided F it, go H&M and just buy a smart dress. After trying on 5 dresses I finally decided on the above.

I must admit I do actually like this dress. It looked really long on the hanger but when its on it lies just above the knee. Oh and its got a cute belt. I teamed the dress with my heeled patent brogues that I picked up a few months back in Primark. They had to be worn today.

So after all of today's running around I'm off to bed. (Oh interview went well guys but I will keep applying)



H&M smart dress = £24.00 


Heeled Brogues = £6.00


  1. Great dress perfect for an interview :) I hope you will follow my blog


  2. La robe est tres chouette! Ca te va tres bien:)
    Angela Donava

    1. Angela hi, I was skeptical at first but now it's a keeper.

      merci ma chérie


  3. thank you so much for your tips! Can't wait to visit your town :) And I can't wait to go shopping at oxfort street :D