Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Shrove Tuesday


Hi guys. Yes you guessed it, its Shrove Tuesday. In honour of today I got my cooking skills out  and whipped up a batch of pancakes.

I have to admit I absolutely loooooove pancake's. I particularly love them with either Nutella or sugar and lemon juice.

Just so you know I did tell my mum to get of pic of the pancake in the air but my skills were so good mum just wasn't quick enough with the camera, oh well.

So what's your favourite pancake topping?


  1. Replies
    1. Oh excuse me, thats sounding very sexy lol. Good choice.

  2. Mmmmm....nutella! First ran into that goodness on a cold day in Paris and I've loved it ever since!! I must admit though I'm a plain old maple syrup girl when it comes to pancake toppings...maybe throw in some walnuts!

    1. How can I forget maple syrup. Walnuts? I love walnuts. Actually I could put walnuts with Nutella. Oh boy I'm getting a little hungry now lol.xx

  3. love your pants :)

  4. Ohh i really like the snake print shirt! seriously, I have my haircut just like yours!

    - true

  5. I think I'm like the only person on earth who doesn't eat pancakes lol! Loving those wet look leggings xx

  6. Remi I am in shock. Hun you need to dive on in and make some.