Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy belated Valentines Day


Hi guys how are you? How was your Valentines? Mine was really good actually the best yet. I really wanted to do a post yesterday because it would have been my first Valentines post but I got in really late. Oh well doesn't matter, I'm doing it now.

Yesterday I went to my bestes't friends family owned Indian restaurant called Me and my partner went for a meal and it was absolutely lovely. Great service, really lovely food and the wine and champagne was top notch (honest opinion).

I didn't really think about going out for dinner for Valentines because me and my partner don't celebrate it. Why spend loads of money on one day? Everyday should be Valentines. Anyway's because we decided to go out last minute I wanted to get a red dress. I had only hour to find a dress after work, I had no success so I rushed home and decided to wear this new dress I got from Primark. 

It was actually the perfect dress for the night. It had blocks of red all over it and it was tight just how I like it. I forgot to get a front shot of the dress sorry guys, but you get the gist black and red blocks with stripes all over. 

What do you think?


Block dress = £13.00


  1. Thank you hun. When I first saw it I thought twice about getting it but I have no regrets now. I love it.