Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I love Tuesday's

Shirt = Primark, Cardigan = H&M, Leggings = Primark, Pumps = Primark

Hey, hey, hey

Who loves Tuesday's? Charmaine loves Tuesday's is it true? Mmmmhuh I do, I do, I do ooooh. (Does that sound familar hint: Kenan & Kel).

Right now I'm on top of the wold guys. I am such a tv drama lover. Tuesday night sees me watch Emmerdale, Eastenders, Holby City, Prisoners wives and CSI. Phew that was a mouth full.

I'm on Holby City right now so gotta rush but I wanted to show you my outfit today. Casual and cute.

See you later guys


Monday, 27 February 2012

Oooh its arrived

Hat - Select £2.00

Mesh Jumper - eBay £11.99

Hi guys,

How are you? I am a capital T, I, ERD, tired lol. So guys my top finally arrived from eBay woop, woop as I am one of those people that cant wait to wear something new, I decided to wear it to work today. 

I sure do love them Korean shops on eBay, you know your getting one of a kind pieces. I haven't got much to say today so I just wanted to show how the top looked on.

Oh I cant forget about my new favourite hat. I picked this up in Select. Select! Yeah I know, that store is cheap and I never thought that I would buy anything from there but I couldn't let the hat go.

Anyways I'm not going to waffle on so see you later guys.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Chill - Watching Homeland

Evening guys,

I didnt even realise the time, nomally I would have done my Sunday post by now. 

I must say that this week has been a productive week seen as I was off wok. To some up the important things I have had an interview and I've applied for a whole load of jobs. I know I keep talking about my job hunt but once I ge started I cant stop. You know when your in a rythm thats it your off, well I'm like that now.

Next week I'm back at work I dont know what the week will bring but I say bing it on. How was your week guys I hope nothing to stressful?

Well I'm going to get back to my new favourite show Homeland, to all the US readers I am hooked. 

Enjoy your night


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Mad Hatter

Howdy partner's

You can now call me the Mad Hatter. In the past week I don't know whats happened to me but I have been buying hat's like mad.

I only used to wear them around winter time but for some reason I just cant get enough of them. I've been trailing the shops trying on all colour and all sizes, I'm still on the hunt for more. 

I was browsing eBay and I brought the above hat because I thought it looked nice. However I think I need to wrap a little scarf around it just to add a little something, something to it. Guy's, I've just realised if it's to small I'm screwed actually, no, no it's ok I will give it to charity it was a bargain anyway.   

See you later


Pepper straw hat = £2.05

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Put yourself first

Hey guys,

What a day today has been. I decided to dedicate today to me. We all know that life can be go go go, yeah I like that but sometimes I just want a break. So after my morning job hunt, afternoon clean up, the evening brought around a trip to my local beauty shop. I got a lovely facial that nearly put me to sleep. Now that's when you know its good.

I wanted to go for a smart casual look this evening and my Hobbs blazer did the job. I brought this in the Hobbs sample sale last year but I have only worn it now due to the cold weather. I layered it up by throwing on my favourite poodle jumper and a Hobbs green check shirt (sorry you cant really tell no close up) however I have featured it before. Then I have my favourite pumps on but there on there way out lol.

So now I'm sitting infront of the tv waiting for Kindnap and Ransom to come on, oh and I have take out.

Have a good evening guys,


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Interview outfit

Afternoon all,

You guessed it I had an interview today but it was last As a result I had nothing to wear. 

My aim for today was to rush to the shops in the morning with a maximum time limit of 2 hours. Then rush back home change and make my way in the afternoon. Here's a tip for everyone do not buy an interview outfit on the day of the interview. It just gives you added stress, stress that you just don't need.

I was considering wearing smart leg trousers and a nice shirt so I was trawling the shops with that in mind. Did I find anything I liked, NO. So I just decided F it, go H&M and just buy a smart dress. After trying on 5 dresses I finally decided on the above.

I must admit I do actually like this dress. It looked really long on the hanger but when its on it lies just above the knee. Oh and its got a cute belt. I teamed the dress with my heeled patent brogues that I picked up a few months back in Primark. They had to be worn today.

So after all of today's running around I'm off to bed. (Oh interview went well guys but I will keep applying)



H&M smart dress = £24.00 


Heeled Brogues = £6.00

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy Shrove Tuesday


Hi guys. Yes you guessed it, its Shrove Tuesday. In honour of today I got my cooking skills out  and whipped up a batch of pancakes.

I have to admit I absolutely loooooove pancake's. I particularly love them with either Nutella or sugar and lemon juice.

Just so you know I did tell my mum to get of pic of the pancake in the air but my skills were so good mum just wasn't quick enough with the camera, oh well.

So what's your favourite pancake topping?

Monday, 20 February 2012

I got that Monday feeling

Evening everyone,

Today I had that Monday feeling. What's the Monday feeling you ask? Well the Monday feeling is when you know you don't have work the next day or the day after that. Shoot its the feeling you get when yo know you have the rest of the week off.

So the Monday feeling had me smiling and singing and being extra helpful because I know I ain't at work tomorrow. I decided to finally go to work today in my sun coloured high waisted shorts. You cant tell there high waisted because I threw on long vest top on top but believe me they are.

I found these in the H&M sale. The pockets at the front are too cute, big enough to hold my lip gloss, mirror, er well what else do you need. I'm so glad I found these.

See you later guys


Yellow high waisted shorts = £7.00

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fake fur hat


Hi guys I was just browsing H&M website and I came across this fake fur hat. I'm in love and I want it. 

You wont believe the price £3.49 in the sale.

Gotta get it, gotta get it, ahhhh gotta get it.


Sunday Chill - Prioritise


I've been meaning to do a post from Friday but I went out, got in late and then I had work Saturday now its Sunday.

I know skater dresses have been around for while and I got a black and white stripe version as seen here However I came across the above leopard skater dress in Primark for £10.00 and it was a must buy. I simply adore it.

Now I want to digress a little. I wanted to touch on something I watched yesterday. It was Whitney Houston's funeral and like many other millions of people I watched the live coverage when I got home. It was so emotional I felt like they brought the church to my home. I never cried over Whitney up until yesterday. I was evident that she was loved for just being Whitney.

The Reverend Marvin Winans spoke straight to me. The one thing that stood out for me was his point on prioritisation. Simply said prioritise means put first what is important to you. We all know this but do we do it?

So to everyone out there please take this on board. Prioritise because life is short.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Oooh chill out

Evening guys,

As I write this post I am doing a big fat sigh! This is because I had the funniest comment made to me today, by a customer.

I picked up the phone and the response was 'oooh who's ruined your day' I thought what a bitch BUT its ok, now I'm laughing at that comment. Therefore my post title is appropriately titled Oooh chill out. 

I demonstrated this by popping out after work for a little pick me up at a beauty salon. As well as driving back with Rick Ross blaring 'I let down my top, I let down my top'. In my case I say 'I roll down my window, I roll down my window lol

I was real kash 'casual' today. Simple red top that I picked up at good old Primark a couple months ago. I threw on a vest top underneath because the top is a bit see through due to the design. Then I paired it with black shorts that are starting to fade in colour.

Three cheers to chilling out. 


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy belated Valentines Day


Hi guys how are you? How was your Valentines? Mine was really good actually the best yet. I really wanted to do a post yesterday because it would have been my first Valentines post but I got in really late. Oh well doesn't matter, I'm doing it now.

Yesterday I went to my bestes't friends family owned Indian restaurant called Me and my partner went for a meal and it was absolutely lovely. Great service, really lovely food and the wine and champagne was top notch (honest opinion).

I didn't really think about going out for dinner for Valentines because me and my partner don't celebrate it. Why spend loads of money on one day? Everyday should be Valentines. Anyway's because we decided to go out last minute I wanted to get a red dress. I had only hour to find a dress after work, I had no success so I rushed home and decided to wear this new dress I got from Primark. 

It was actually the perfect dress for the night. It had blocks of red all over it and it was tight just how I like it. I forgot to get a front shot of the dress sorry guys, but you get the gist black and red blocks with stripes all over. 

What do you think?


Block dress = £13.00

Monday, 13 February 2012

I'm not hurt, just needed a prop

H&M Sequin skirt

Hi guys,

Today's post is dedicated to my newly beloved H&M sequin skirt. Now I have to tell you a story about this skirt. I know, I know another story but trust me its not as long as my last story, I promise.

So I decided to pop to my local H&M a few weeks ago because I wanted to get a skirt, as you do. I browsed the sale section and amongst all the unwanted lot this shiny sequin skirt at £7.00 was beaming out at me. It was like heaven in front of my eyes. I happened to turn the skirt around and I saw the devil. A big fat hole in the back, I swear it hurt me. I contemplated about geting it fixed but I am lazy and thought realistically I wont be doing that. So I walked away.

Saturday just gone my mate wanted to go to shopping so we went to Brent Cross shopping centre. I only came along for the ride. Actually I was driving so she came along for the ride lol. Anywho we went into H&M and what did I see staring at me? My sequin skirt. I picked it, turned it around and said your coming with me. The best thing is I got it for £3.00.

Now I sing "glory glory, hallelujah, glory glory, hallelujah!"

See you later guys


H&M sequin skirt = £3.00

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Chill - R.I.P Whitney Houston

Afternoon everyone,

Today's Sunday Chill is touched with a bit of sadness. I was woken up by my partner saying Whitney Houston is dead. My first reaction was "what, no she's not dead who told you that?" He replied a friend just told me and its on the news. I went straight to my phone to Google it and sadly yes it was true.

I feel so sad for Whitney as well as her family. I don't care what your situation is because who am I to judge, any passing is devastating. I hope that her family can get through this tough time.

I will be listening to my favourite Whitney songs shortly such as: 
It's not right but its ok
Heartbreak hotel
Count on me
I will always love you

There is just to many to mention. What is your favourite Whitney song?

R.I.P Whitney Houston

Friday, 10 February 2012

Things always get's better

Hi guys,

You will not believe what happened to me yesterday, heres the story: 

I was off work so I decided to go to H&M in the afternoon to try and get a Trilby hat. I got in my car put the key in the ignition then the car started to make a funny noise. It was struggling to turn on. I was like noooo! I tried again and it just wasn't turning on. My mind said it was the battery, I have been told to change it but I thought it would be alright, obviously not.

I started to panic. No one was at home to help, my uncle wasn't anywhere near, my partner was at work, my dad wasn't around, you get my point. I ran back inside the house called mum crying, she said she's on the way (oh mum doesn't drive, cant drive so I dont know what mum was going to do lol). I called mates but no one had a jump lead at hand. I then called my local car repairer, Quick Fit, told them I think the battery is dead they gave me a quote and I said thats fine how do I get my car to you? They said you need a jump start. If you can get someone to jump start the car and get it here we can sort it for you.

I put the phone down and I ran outside knocked frantically on everydoor on my road. No one had a jump lead and I think my neighbours wife thinks I like her husband.

Anyways I then went further up the road and randomly stopped every man walking and asked can you jump start a car? They looked at me like I was a criminal lol. I ran to my local shops because I always see young boys hanging outside. I'm sure one of them knows how to jump start a car illegally. Was anyone there? Noooooo! The one time their not hanging around I need them.

I then went to all my local shops and no one could help. At this point I was gonna break down. I walked back and saw some guys on a building site. I ran over and asked them they said ask in the office. So I did just that and sweet Jesus the receptionist was so lovely she called on of the guys and he had a jump lead. Yes.

He drove me round to my car and he got it started. At this point I see mum walking, laughing and joking with my neighbour I could of screamed. Anyways just for that I dragged mum with me to the car shop, mum wasn't happy lol

Anyhow my baby got sorted and I dropped mum off and went H&M in the end. I got the above hat and leather effect skirt. I thought I deserved it after the day I had dont you?

Woven hat = £7.99


Leather effect skirt = £7.00

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Skulls are cute right?

Hey ho and away we go,

Hi guys, how are we all? I'm great, don't let my outfit fool you.

Yesterday I finally decided to wear my skull cardi. I did get a couple stares whilst on my way to work but who gives a ****.

 I will be rocking this more often. 

See you later guys.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Shake it like a polaroid picture


Can you see me shaking it? I took my cue from Andre 3000 when I wore this dress.

You wont believe what happened to me yesterday, here's the story: I was going to my departments Christmas dinner yesterday. I know, I know Christmas dinner in Feb don't ask. I decided to wear my fringe dress because its a fun dress and it always puts a smile on my face. So I get to work in the morning and I went to the ladies. Disaster struck my zipper slide decided to fail on me. All I saw was the zip still done up at the top but everything else was wide open. 

Imagine it, me in the cubicle trying to pull down the bloody zip, just to get it up again. I was getting so hot and flustered because I had nothing else to wear. My shirt was short so I couldn't just wear it on its own or anything.

I walk in to my department and said loudly 'I have a disaster' everyone staring at me like what I said 'my zip on my dress is broken I don't know what to do'. My colleague Sam said come on over let me have a look. After 5 minutes of tugging the zip, I was thinking if all else fails I will have to run to our production department get them to do a quick job on my dress. (Luckily I work in a fashion company). However the zipper slide just gave way and ended up on one side. 

I felt like crap but then I heard the magic words from Sam 'dont worry I have a sewing kit in my bag'. Who has  a sewing kit in there bag? Sam does. She whipped it out and sewed the dress so that it would hold for the day. Guys believe me I was so close to walking out of work, Sam saved the day. 

I think I should invest in a mini sewing kit for 2012.


Monday, 6 February 2012

A little bit of mesh goes a long way

Hello, hello, hello

The snow has stopped and the roads are bearable. Yeah I like the snow but I can only take so much. Luckly it only actually snowed for one day. Guy's I've been wearing my wellies because I am so scared of falling and hurting my little bottom. Might wear the wellies till the end of the week oh and I will try and upload a pic.

So I wasn't going to upload a pic of this jumper until I actually received it but as you guys know I buy a lot from eBay and a majority come from China. I wont be getting this until early March and I just couldn't wait any longer.

I absolutely adore this jumper. Even when I was younger I can remember wearing leggings that had cut out mesh partings going all the way up. You could say it was a little bit risque for someone so young but I really like mesh clothing. When I came across this jumper I got so excited, it was a must buy. Now I just cannot wait to receive it.

What do you think?


Raglan Mesh Top = £11.99

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Chill - with snow

Outside my front door

Local Park

Alexandra Palace


We finally got it. I'm talking about snow. We heard the rumours, we felt the cold but we had to see it to believe it. The snow finally came to London last night. 

My mum shouted from downstairs saying 'Charmaine its snowing!'. She said it like shes never seen snow before lol. When I woke up this morning I could not believe how much fell last night. I couldn't even see my car. I could imagine when those bloody parking people walk around to check valid permits its going to be a tough job. Oh and I better not catch them trying to wipe the snow away from my car to check either, I will have 'em.

I did venture out and I had to get a couple snaps. The snow is a pretty thing,  I will enjoy it before it turns to the devil, you know what I mean, ice.

Enjoy your Sunday guys.