Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Chill in the park


Afternoon all,

I cant believe its Sunday already, I'm back at work tomorrow. I was literally there yesterday, I need a break. 

Aywho today's Sunday chill saw me chill in the park. It was cold, as my partner demonstrated by rubbing his hands aggresively lol. We however admireded the scenery, sometimes as people we take things for granted. I let the Mr take control of the pics, I actually think he did a prety good job. (Thank you babe xx) 

Today's outfit was all about being casual yet cute. I picked up the black jumper from the recent H&M sale. The check shirt poking out is from Topshop yearsssss ago and the jeans once again are from H&M yearsssss ago. I hardly wear jeans so these still look brand new. The necklace is my fav I didnt get a close up shot but I will next time. Its from New Look a couple years ago. Its absolutely adorable, blue with leaves and acorns.

So whats everyone else doing?