Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Specsavers have nothing on me


Hi yall,

I swear I couldn't tell you the last time I got my eyes tested. When I put on my necklace today (purchased on eBay) it got me thinking I need to get my eyes checked. By looking at the first pic its looks like I need glasses, lol, better book an appointment eh.

I wore my weird skirt lol as shown here I teamed it with an old top from Topshop it has lace detailing at the back. As I am writing this I realised that I didn't take a pic of the back damn it, sorry. Its really nice, please take my word for it.

Oh just so u know I did wear a cardigan with this outfit but I took at off after work and as soon as I got home I dragged mum out of bed to take a pic of me (sorry mum) I didn't bother putting my cardi back on.

Well I'm outtie guys pay day is around the corner and my eBay finds seem to be getting longer.

See you later


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