Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Hi guys,

So pay day has finally arrived and I've been at it again, making a few purchases. However I think I have just purchased the above black sequin skirt that I wore today, again. Ooops!

The story goes I'm at work on my lunch checking out eBay then I came across a sequin skirt I thought it was silver it looked like silver in the picture so I was like oh yeah I have to get that. I put a bid in with literally a few minutes to go I read the description and it said black, then I read the brand name and it said New Look.

Now I told a colleague today at work that I brought this skirt from some local shop in my area but come to think of it, its come back to me I brought the skirt from New Look. Oh man I cant believe I just brought the skirt again.

Well lets look at it like this I brought a hot skirt at a bargain price, AGAIN! 

(New I liked it first time around)

Sequin skirt = £2.39




  1. Ha! I'm wearing a sequin skirt and black sweater today too! :) Great minds think alike :)

  2. Yeah, good minds do think alike