Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Good ass shoes


Evening guys,

Today I wore my good assssss shoes. Yesterday, we were told at work that we had a magazine company coming in to film a day in our workplace. So I had to put on my good ass shoes, I couldn't bare the thought of the camera taking a shot and you see some battered shoes, well as if I'd wear battered shoes but u know what I mean.

I brought these babies from Primark a few weeks ago. I saw them last year around September time and I thought damn those shoes are hot. The price was £18.00 so I said hellll no I am not paying that. I let it go. 

December time came and I had an itch to pop in to Primark again, just to look around. Guess what I saw? I saw my good ass shoes sitting, staring at me for £8.00. I said helll yeah, that's me. 

(Oh just so you know the camera didn't even come past my department. Oh well there lost)

Heeled brogues = £8.00

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