Thursday, 26 January 2012

Can someone say vintage

 Hi guys,

How are we all? I am a happy bunny because pay day is not far away. I am itching to get some new stuff. I have a bad addiction, you know, either my money goes on clothes or food. I love to eat and I love to eat in nice clothes lol. Ok I'm being silly or am I?

I don't think I have mentioned anything about my love of food yet on my blog but when I say I love food I love food. Don't let my skinny bones fool you. When I go food shopping (that is rarely as my mother does it for me) I buy two of everything. Don't ask me why. I call it FSCD food shopping compulsive disorder. I know I have issues.

Anyhoo back to today's outfit, after reading many blogs and seeing people in vintage items I can finally say I am wearing a vintage top. I picked this up in a local vintage store a few months back. I simply teamed it with my shiny trousers that I wore yesterday. Thought I'd also throw on some boots my feet were cold yesterday.

See you later


Vintage top = £5.00

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