Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Chill- Hangover

Hi guys,

Well this is going to be a quick one. From the title you can guess I hungover and in need of rest. I went out last night with my friend to a house party.

I do like my house parties. I like them because your not waiting in a queue to get in. You can wear what you want. (F.Y.I I wore a knee length black dress that ties at the black plus plum bow shoes. Sorry to tipsy and tired to take pics).

There's no cattiness i.e girls fighting over a man lol. Finally, the most important thing is your bank balance isn't hurt the next day. There are free drinks and food if your lucky.

So lets see I arrived at the house party in the evening around half 9 and got home at 7am. Can someone say shattered. Well it was a good night and I'm off to bed.

Peace out

Friday, 26 October 2012


Hi guys,

How are we all? I'm good. So today was my day off and I did the usual mundane stuff, wash clothes, tidy, go to Boots and randomly buy 9 new nail varnishes. It's ok I get paid next week.

So I have to tell u this story. I was in my local library on the computer. This young guy probably aged 26, 27 approached me. He went to sit next to me on my left then he decided no he wants to sit on my right in the corner.

As he nervously says hi I turned, looked at him and nervously thought omg please don't rob me lol, I said hi. This dude then decides its the perfect time to talk to me about his money making scheme.

As I was zooming in and out of what he was saying. I found his appearance very distracting. This guy had a frayed jacket, he looked dirty and his hair needed a cut. I'm sorry what ever money making scheme he was trying to sell me I wasn't buying it.

From what he said all I understood was it was a marketing business for kids, education and its part time where you could earn up to £1000 pounds. He says do you want to be apart of it? I said NO, he says Really!!! I'm thinking er dude not interested.

At this point I was ready to tell him to fuck off but this dude could tell by the look on my face its time to go.

Some people eh they really believe there own hype. If I see this dude in the future doing well I guess I will just have to eat my words.

Anyways I'm outtie kisses.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bold and Beautiful

Hidi hi,

Hi everyone, the weekend starts early. Friday is my day off, Saturday out on the town and then Sunday I chill.

When the weekend starts early you might as well get in the spirit. So out came a dash of colour. Bold and beautiful baby, bold and beautiful.

Today I was told your looking glamorous and you know what I said? I said why not. In life you might as well throw on some glad rags even if you feel like shit.

Guys it works wonders. Right I'm off to relax in the arm chair yeah I'm getting old lol.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

We need to evacuate?

Hi all,

Well what an exciting day I had. Ok so that's me being sarky but whatever. The most exciting thing that happened to me today was being evacuated out of work for a fire drill.

Now the mere fact that that was the most exciting thing shows you that it's time for me to move on from my workplace lol.

As the entire building was standing outside in the cold I had thoughts of either walking back with a different company into there office, now that would be hilarious I could say 'hi I'm Charmaine the new starter'. My other thought was the standard just jump on the tube and go back home. I didn't have the balls to do either damn.

Well at least I couldn't be missed in my bright green jeans. Smart thinking when I purchased these bad boys. My lovely H&M had these on sale, wait for it, for £10. I know bargain right, I actually picked up a green pair and red pair. They are an investment for next year summer. There goes me thinking ahead.

So anyways I'm going to evacuate to my bed and we shall speak tomorrow.

Peace out

Peacocks - jumper, Hobbs - white shirt, H&M - Jeans, H&M - Boots

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Treat everyday like its your last

Hi guys,

So who know's the above saying 'treat everyday like its your last'. Yeah we all know it but how many of us live by it? Not many. We are all guilty of getting caught up in our own world and forget to live in the moment.

Me, what do I do? I shop spend most of my money on clothes as if I need anymore. I curse under my breath at work because people piss me off. Forget to call people back becuase I'm so tired from work.

Guys that is me treating everyday like its my last. Me thinks it's time for some changes. This evening I tried to get mum to treat today like it was her last. I said 'mum take pics of me like you've
never taken them before'. Mum was more like 'let's hurry up my shows on' thanks mum.

Anyways my message to you all is 'treat everyday like its your last'.


Hobbs - Dress, H&M - Boots, Belt - Old

Monday, 22 October 2012

I'm a do me

Hi guys?

So have you ever thought to yourself fuck what ever you say and I'm a do me. Well I think that nearly everyday but I thought that even more when I took my first phone call this morning.

By the end of the call I was thinking bitch I'm a do me. Don't try to give me advice especially when you haven't even come correct in the first place. Isn't it funny how people who are worse off than you always want to judge. I say jog on.

Isn't it also funny how that mentality also translates into your personel style. If you dont like me for who I am jog on because I'm a do me. We love individuality over here. You could be outrageous or mellow whatever just be you.

For all the readers that are thinking wow thats a bit much I just want you to know my content is going to be more open. Its basically going to reflect my personality.

Woop Woop

H&M - dress, Hobbs - pumps, Hobbs - Coat

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday chill - X Factor


For all you UK peeps we all know it X Factor time. I said I wouldn't watch but I couldn't resist.

Whose your favourite let me know. I'm loving Jahmene & James.

Enjoy tonight's show.


Friday, 19 October 2012

Never say goodbye say see you later

Hi guys,

Wow today was a bit emotional. Not for me but for people at work. A long standing member of the company was leaving and as the company is mostly filled with female employees, hormones levels were high.

As I was standing listening to the last goodbye I must admit I'm not particularly fond of the person in a professional sense but I guess outside of work there not that bad????

Anyways as the goodbye was being said I could just see eyes welling up. It's always hard to say goodbye so instead I say see you later. I'm a believer in paths crossing at some point.

So as I start to relax in front of the tv I say see you later guys.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Charity starts at home

Hey, hey, hey

I have to say I am ashamed of myself. Let me tell you the story. So we had a charity raffle ticket competition today at work. Prizes were a combination of dresses, coats and bags. The money for the tickets go to charity.

Anyways I decide to only buy one ticket as I'm not really lucky when it comes to raffles or competitions. So as the raffle was being drawn today at work I could see myself getting excited about the thought of actually wining.

Well 5 prizes later I LOST. I was sooooo disappointed I was saying in my head 'what a waste' ok no I said it out loud to the raffle picker (don't worry I know them). But still how selfish of me.

The only thing that cheered me up was that fact that people liked my latest bargain buy, my H&M yellow dress £5.00 in the sale.

So anyways today's little episode got me thinking what have I done for charity apart from give some clothes?

Charity starts at home guys, lets not forget.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

X marks the spot


So you know that feeling when you look through your wardrobe and say those famous words 'I have nothing to wear'. Well that's was me today, as I was going through my wardrobe the one that just about closes this little number called out to me.

With X's all over it, I must say X does mark the spot.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hot to trot

Hey, hey, hey

Yes I am hot to trot. What am I talking about? Well I feel like I am hot enough to go horse riding in my jodhpur style trousers and boots. I swear if I was posh I would be dressing like this all the time.

So I am really excited right now becausssssse there is another sample sale coming up and I just cannot wait. 2 weeks and counting, I swear it cannot come round fast enough.

More clothes and more clothes. I just can't get enough.

Right off to watch Holby City. Have a good evening

Hobbs - shirt, H&M - trousers, Hobbs - Boots

Monday, 15 October 2012

All bunged up

Evening guys,

I wanna scream I'm not well. Can we say bunged up and sore throat. This flu has kept me in its peril for over a week and I want to be let free.

Being the trooper that I am I have continued to go to work and do what needs to be done.

To cheer myself up I wanted to
face the world looking sharp. So I teamed up my BARGAIN H&M tuxedo dress £7 and my Hobbs shirt (sample sale of course). I swear in my head all I could hear is that song 'she's a lady, whoa, whoa, whoa she's a lady.

As I write this my coughing fit has taken over. We know what that means byeeeeee

Hobbs shirt, H&M tuxedo dress, H&M Boots

Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday feeling

Hiiiiii guys.

Yes I am still here I am down one laptop and the Internet. This is why my posts are far and few in between. Many apologies.

Just so you know I am not bored of blogging, I generally enjoy it but sometimes my resources can hinder my expression. Please bare with me. As my bday is approaching I see a laptop in my future lol.

So just to update you job interviews have been coming which is a step in the right direction, no luck yet but it's only a matter of time. I got that feeling. I've been out and about rekindling friendships, isn't that a good feeling?

Oh and yes I'm still shopping. Sample sales galore my wardrobe is getting bigger every month. I have loads of items to show you I feel like I am coming into my own. Do you know what I mean. I mean feeling comfortable in my skin, becoming even more confident in my abilities.

Even my dress sense has matured and I am so comfortable with it. Lately you will see me in smart dresses and smart brogues or heels. For instance today I wore this adorable dress I picked up from the sample sale. Matched it With H&M boots (just got then the other day) I'm wearing the boots for the whole week to break into them. Gotta love simple but smart outfit's.

Anyways I'm off, speak tomorrow.


Monday, 24 September 2012

The mac is back

Hi y'all,

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of Sunday Chill post. Don't worry I slapped myself on the wrist for it, but I'm on it.

So ladies yes it's winter, don't get it twisted. That clean crisp cold that hits you first thing in the morning, that rain that smacks you in the face and the wind that fucks up your hair. Oh and yes when it get's pitch black by 6pm thats winter peering its cold head.

Therefore the mac is back. Today I teamed my adorable H&M dress with my Hobbs mac. Not forgetting my Hobbs 30th anniversary shoes. I have been waiting to wear my mac for a year so secrey I'm happy.

Ladies dig deep or purchase a lovely, sophisticated mac for autumn winter. A mac can really change up your whole outfit. Go on ladies make that autumn winter transition.



Saturday, 22 September 2012

I got my Ted

H&M - jumper, H&M - Jeans, Primark - pumps, Ted Baker - bag 

Hey guys,

So here's a long overdue up to date post. After all the ish that's been happening this week I had to go and treat myself and get my Ted. I have been eyeing this bag FOREVER!!!!! 

Today I had to treat myself, I have been walking past the House of Fraser store in Central London and this bag just keeps looking at me.  So I finally went in and made my purchase, I only paid £40.00 for the bag being that its Ted Baker that's an absolute bargain. I will be using the shit out of this bag. Woop woop.

Oh yeah H&M have soooo much sale going on and you know when I see sale I literally run in. I got this adorable jumper for £7. The colour got my attention straight away. I have so much to show you guys but its just about getting round to it.

My wardrobe is ridiculous but I cant help stop picking up bargains so you know I will always have something new.

Anyways I'm outtie heading to dads for some gooood food. 


Smart as you could get

Hobbs - dress, H&M - Belt, Dorothy Perkins shoes


Sorry guys I have been M.I.A this week. It has been crazy manic. I've had interviews and a whole load of other stuff going on. So I really haven't had the time to upload.

This was an outfit that I managed to take a pic of earlier in the week, I freaking love this dress it fits like a dream and just generally flattering to my shape. 

You know the score quick upload gotta run.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday chill - Relax, don't do it

Hi guys,

Wow what a weekend. I have been rushing around trying to get to places on time. All I want to do now is chill.

So yesterday I went to a friends blessing for her baby. I literally rushed from work to my house to get changed and then go. Then I had to leave after an hour because I had to rush to go home and get changed again for a convention.

I swear all this rushing around is not good for my body. Anyways I wanted to show you the dress I wore to the convention but brandy, ginger ale and courvoisier prevented me from taking any decent pics.

The only decent pic that I could muster up was one of my head looool. You can see the print in the dress but don't worry I put up a full pic of the dress. Its the Hobbs Betsy dress, sexy little leopard number.

Well, I'm off, got to work out what errands need to be done next week.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Freedom

Hi guys,

Real quick, today was a day off so I was out and about running errands, getting ready for the weekend. Plans are attend a friends christening and clubbing. Cannot wait I already have the outfits for the occasions.

Always be prepared its gets you everywhere in life.


H&M - jeans, Hobbs - shirt, Primark - pumps