Friday, 16 December 2011

Thank f*** its Friday



Hiiiiiiii guys,

Boy am I glad its Friday, well that is me saying it in a polite way. My post title really says it all. 

Anyhow I just wanted to take the time to say thank you all for your lovely comments, I do appreciate it and I read ALL of them. Guys feel free to leave links to your posts when you comment. I do look at all links simply because I enjoy reading blogs. 

1: I prefer it to physical magazines &
2: All I need to do is log on to my laptop and search for the blog 

I am intrigued and also inspired by all sorts of blogs because its about real people. I don't care about what a celebrity is wearing or doing, (I will look on Daily Mail though) BUT I want to see what the everyday person is doing and what the everyday person is wearing.

So talk to me and I will talk back. Bye guys



  1. agree. love browsing blogs, and gave up on magazines for many different reasons.

  2. Glad we think a like Divinitus.