Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday chill with cup of tea and extras

Afternoon beautiful people,

Today's Sunday chill saw me do nothing. I basically woke up in the morning, fell asleep again then woke up in the afternoon and then I done some washing, Now, I'm chilling and writing this post whilst I eat my food courtesy of my dad. As it is cold outside a cup of tea is doing the world of wonders.

I do love Sundays because you can gather your thoughts and de-stress. Well I'm going to get back to eating its a bit difficult eating the fish with one hand.

Have a nice Sunday guys.



  1. I love these laid back sundays! Sitting indoors enjoying a cuppa and a nice meal is bliss! xo

  2. My Sunday was pretty chill too, its normally my day of rest where I just sleep, watch youtube videos and eat :)Not to mention have a nice cup of tea. xx

  3. Yep thats right ladies we all know what a cup of tea can do for our lives. xx

  4. a nice lazy day is always great! :) glad you got to sit back and relax! that food looks delicioussss....:)

    sharde @ the style projects

  5. It's a shame Sunday is only one day.

  6. looks delicious. love a nice, relaxing sunday. :) great blog--new follower. :)