Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday chill with charity in mind

Hi guys,

Yesterday I was looking at my wardrobe and thinking oh my god I have too much clothes. I also thought there must be things that I am never going to wear so I basically went through some dresses and some tops. I actually found dresses that made me look like I was 16 again, I guess I just couldn't bare to let them go.

So I am off to my local Oxfam as I am sure there will be someone who can make use of my unwanted stuff. I could actually sell it on eBay but I'd rather help those that need it. 

I couldn't leave out my new purchase. As pictured above I brought a wrap camel jacket in the Hobbs sample sale on Friday. You wont believe the price, £10. I could not believe my luck. The best thing was I was helping out again at the sample sale and I had £25.00 that I could use towards it. Therefore I got the jacket free ultimately.

I will cherish it forever.


Wrap Fiori Jacket £0.00 = 3 hours work at sample sale

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