Saturday, 3 December 2011

I waited 1 year

Hi guys,

So you read the post title and now your thinking what does this post mean? Well by looking at the pictures you guessed it, I waited 1 year to get this NW3 Baystone bag. This blog is all about my love of bargains so this post represents it completely. I first saw this bag last year summer and my heart skipped a beat, ok that maybe an exaggeration but you know what I mean, I really liked it. I however once again did not like the price. 

The bag originally retailed at I think over £100, I thought no I am going to wait until Hobbs do a sample sale. If the bag is in the sample sale then I will get it. Four sample sales went pass but no NW3 bag. I was so disappointed. The bag did go into the sale but it was still over £100 and I am not paying £100 for a small bag.

My luck changed yesterday, there was a Hobbs sample sale and my NW3 bag was there. I looked at it as if to say is it really you, I swear it spoke back to me. I picked it up and I gave it the biggest cuddle. I asked for the price and I was told £20.00 I could of cried right there and then. It became a must buy.

My waiting paid off again. I tell you this week has been good.


NW3 Baystone bag = £20.00

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