Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Happy Tuesday

 Happy Tuesday,

I have no idea why I just said that but Happy Tuesday. Anyways, I cannot believe how mad it is out on the mean streets of London. Crazy Christmas shoppers, last minute buyers and screaming kids.

Apart from that today was ok. Actually it was great because I finished work early. I was in a good mood this morning so I decided to wear my new favourite skirt that I picked up in the H&M sale recently. When I saw it I said ooooh I'm a get you (there goes my American accent again). I watch way to much American TV.

I didn't have a decent top to go with it so I just put a simple black vest top on and I threw on a cute black jumper on top. I let the skirt do the talking today baby. Today was a good day.

Ok guys I'm off, I'm on a mission to try and get some things sorted so I'm outtie. 

Sorry I need to really cut done on American TV lol.


Suede skirt = £7.00


  1. Love that skirt and the price tag is amazing :).

  2. Great find at H&M and bummer that the silver cardigan had a snag in it. Hate when that happens!

  3. Ladies I could not believe my luck. I'm on the hunt for more.

  4. Cute skirt!

    xo Ashleigh