Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Forget summer just throw it on


Evening guys,

As I write this post I am yawning like mad, the late night shift is getting to me. This week I have been rushing out my house to get to work. I've been smart though, to save time I'm just picking up clothing that doesn't need ironing hence today's outfit.

When I first brought this jumpsuit in the summertime from Primark I decided I will just wear it in the summer, bare leg. However I thought today Char throw on some tights and some boots and get out the house. This is exactly what I did. 

I absolutely love the print on this jumpsuit. As the post say's forget summer just throw it on.


  1. you have amazing legs. you look gorgeous!

  2. Thanks doll, I have to admit if I could wear shorts everyday I would. I am so laid back when its comes to clothes I hate fussing. Shorts and a top lets go.