Thursday, 8 December 2011

Comfy Cardi Day

Hi everyone,

Wow it is getting cold! For the past few days I have really felt the cold. Actually that could be because I have forgotten my gloves and scarf. Well today I thought NO Char put on a warm cardigan just in case you forget to put on additional layers. 

Guess what I forgot again but I had my warm cardi on so I was ok. I picked up the above cardigan in the last Hobbs sample sale and I absolutely love it. It is warm, comfy and cute. I think nearly every staff member at work picked one up. I wore it today and I was praying no one else would wear it, no one did, phew.

I got the cardi for £5.00 now this might sound funny but I got a lot of material for £5.00 and its Lambs wool. Result, absolute bargain. 

Oh thought I'd show you my fur bag again I just wanted you to see it actually being worn just to get a better idea. Guy's since buying this bag I have used it everyday.


Lambs wool cardi = £5.00


  1. Beautiful dress :)

  2. Thank you hun. I am actually looking for something similar.