Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Wish List - Versace for H&M 2011




Hi guys,

So Christmas is around the corner and I haven't really thought hard about what I want until now. As I am older I feel Christmas is for the youngsters and as long as I have loads of food to eat and family around me that is my Christmas sorted.

But as I am allowed to wish, the above items are most definitely on my wish list. Since the H&M Versace collection was released I have been lusting for some pieces. I know, I know I'm late and the collection has most likely sold out everywhere but the items pictured above are my favourites.

I am currently on eBay watching the above bag as the price is in my bracket. The weirdest thing is I thought let me go on the H&M website again just to have another look, well guess what? The collection is on SALE. Already you ask? Already I say.

I will be calling around the H&M stores tomorrow to try and snap up something from the collection. If I can get something at a bargain price that will seriously make my day.

Last resort eBay, fingers crossed.


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