Monday, 14 November 2011

What always comes back into fashion? Leopard!

 Afternoon everyone,

I am off work for a week YES! Why? Well it is my birthday week. I always take a week off during my birthday. I wont be doing anything crazy, I will mostly be spending it with loved ones and friends.

Today I wanted to show you the above leopard dress because I loveeeeee this dress. I brought it from Primark 4 weeks ago. It is current season, most importantly it is a bargain. The dress is bodycon fit which works well with my body type. Basically I am skinny lol. I do eat though, I eat loads. Anyways sorry I got side tracked.

This dress can be worn sexy and worn casual. I decided to show casual because sexy is easy. Go bare leg and throw on sum sexy heels, sorted. Casual is a bit more of a challenge.   

The first pic see's a straight forward tights and brogues look.Simple enough. I however love the dress with a smart shirt underneath. It gives the dress more of a sexy smart look. 

Well done Primark for this bargain buy.


Primark leopard dress £10.00


  1. the dress is so different!! it can be worn up and down and it shows so much versatility!!!



  2. Exactly hun, versatility and me are close friends lol