Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Its another blazer

Evening everyone,

I've been at it again, I've been buying blazers (hands over my face). This beautiful, tailored blazer was picked up at the Hobbs sample recently.  

Now, I have cream blazers, black blazers, shiny black blazers, cheque and grey but no green blazers. So on that note I had to get a green blazer. When I tried this on at the sample sale (here goes my American accent) "ooooh it felt good". I was looking at myself like "yeah girl, get em" it was an instant buy. 

The lining is very different? Its pink BUT in the light it can look a bit metallic. I guess I like that about it. When teamed with my green checked shirt, dark green cardigan and dark denim jeans I'm back to saying in my American accent "yeah girl, get em".  

Love this bargain buy.


Hobbs green blazer £10.00

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