Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Is that MYBWD.BLOGSPOT on your nails?

Hi guys,

One of my letter nails finally came today, I am estatic.  As soon as they came I had to get my nails in order. This saw me pop out to get black nail varnish and clear nail varnish. I already knew in my head what I wanted to do and how I wanted them to look.

The letters are a perfect size, small but effective. I have received the silver and gold nails as featured in the  Writtings on the nail post

I removed the cheap red nail varnish I had on for ages. Urg! I brought this really cheap red nail varnish from Boots specificaly to wear for Halloween. I've been lazy and just reapplying like a mad woman. Believe me these letters came in the nick of time. If you can see any red spots on the sides of my nails please ignore (embarresed face).

Anyways I chose to do a simple black and gold look. That always works. I am so happy with the result. Who would of thought that I would have my blog address on my nails? I know I didn't.



  1. super manucure!

    Angela Donava

  2. Ah thats sweet thank you. To be honest I just keep my nails short now. It is so much easier less hassel.

  3. OMG! I love it. Such a cool way to advertise yourself hahah ;) xx

  4. Thanks doll it's all about thinking outside the box. lol

  5. You are so cool, that is true love for your blog.

  6. Thanks girlies. As Madonna say's "Express Yourself"