Monday, 28 November 2011

I dont want a lot for Christmas BUT?


Evening everyone, today has been stressful at work. We have new starters, customer queries are coming in like mad and sale is on. I just wanted to scream today. After work me and a mate had a craving for Crepe. Since tasting this in France I have become addicted. 

The brain boxes that we are decided last, this seems to be a theme of mine at the moment, we thought lets just Google a local Crepe and have one with a cup of hot chocolate and cappuccino. We walked in the cold down to Bond street in search of a Crepe shop. Google said one was in Bond street. Google lied! The road was long, it was cold and there was no Crepe insight. 

I did however become distracted by the plush shops. I walked past a shop called Gina shoes. The window display was so pretty it had sparkly shoes everywhere. I had to take a picture right there and then. I love the fact that they put glitter on all styles, wedges, flats, heels you name it they had it. There were no prices in the display so guess its not a bargain lol.

Like my post title says I dont want a lot for Christmas but I wouldnt mind getting one of these babies. Even the pumps will do me, hint, hint anyone?


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