Sunday, 16 October 2011

The only way is blogging style

Hi guys,

Hope your Sunday is relaxed as mine. I am trying to sort out this terrible room of mine, but I got bored half way through and thought I’ll do it later instead.

Yesterday’s blogging event saw me take home some free goodies. The bargain babe that I am found this as music to my ears.

The beauty brand Fashionista was at the event showcasing beautiful make up looks. Lucky for me I could get my hands on clever popping compacts. As you can see opposite, is was packaged in an adorable red bag.

The contents of the bag contained a lovely compact mirror, this I will be using. In addition it contained four sultry eyeshadow’s.

Left to right

1: Berry Brown, 2: Golden Glow, 3: Auburn Glow, 4: Brunette Bombshell.
I picked these colours due to my skim tone and I cannot wait to test it out. I like the fact that it is a pop out compact, it is nice change to the usual compacts out there.

Thank you Fashionista.

Fashionista Compact Makeup £0.00 = 5 hours of fun at blogging event

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