Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Check it out, check it out

Hey, hey, hey

Hi guys, since coming back from my short break I feel like the English weather has just been slapping me in the face. It has been cold. Basically I need to start covering up. 

I found the above trousers on eBay, they caught my attention because of the check effect. I know its risky buying trousers without trying them on but I thought I wiil be pretty safe with these. They are straight leg and they are long enough. 

Now I need trousers that are straight leg or skinny, these styles suit my leg shape. I'm a skinny litttle thing with long legs. I think these trosuers will look better tucked into boots. To be honset that is the only way I want to wear them at the moment. 

Thankfully these trouseres arrived in perfect condition and they fit fine. Relief


Checked trousers £0.99 plus 2.50 postage

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