Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Peacocks print cardigan

Hi guys,

As I am writing this post I am eating Chinese, I have spring rolls, hot and sour soup and shredded beef with rice. All I can say is ummm this is good. 

Sorry. Anyways, the lovely ladies store Peacocks currently have a 40% discount for friends and family and my loving partner gave me some vouchers, thank you. I have my eye on a few things but you know me I couldnt wait and I already purchased the above print cardigan on Saturday and I had to wear it today because I am in love with it. 

I was drawn to the cardigan mainly because of the print. I like nearly all animal prints however this cardigan stood out because of it's warm undertone. Its not the bog standard yellow animal print. The good thing is it can make a simple black outfit look ten times better. Take today's outfit for example it's all black everthing. Thank god for the cardigan or should I say thank Peacocks for the cardigan.

Bargain buy once again.


Cash scoop print cardigan £16.00 - 40% = £6.40

Monday, 28 November 2011

I dont want a lot for Christmas BUT?


Evening everyone, today has been stressful at work. We have new starters, customer queries are coming in like mad and sale is on. I just wanted to scream today. After work me and a mate had a craving for Crepe. Since tasting this in France I have become addicted. 

The brain boxes that we are decided last, this seems to be a theme of mine at the moment, we thought lets just Google a local Crepe and have one with a cup of hot chocolate and cappuccino. We walked in the cold down to Bond street in search of a Crepe shop. Google said one was in Bond street. Google lied! The road was long, it was cold and there was no Crepe insight. 

I did however become distracted by the plush shops. I walked past a shop called Gina shoes. The window display was so pretty it had sparkly shoes everywhere. I had to take a picture right there and then. I love the fact that they put glitter on all styles, wedges, flats, heels you name it they had it. There were no prices in the display so guess its not a bargain lol.

Like my post title says I dont want a lot for Christmas but I wouldnt mind getting one of these babies. Even the pumps will do me, hint, hint anyone?


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday chill in a skater dress

 Hi guys,

So today's Sunday chill saw me out and about with my partner and a mate. We all done a quick shop, I picked up some nice pieces, my mate did too and and my partner got some good bedroom gear. Wait that did not come out right, I mean he brought some good bed accessories.

I decided to throw on my recently purchased skater dress form Primark. You know it is funny that expression, 'throw on' why do we say that? Well anyways I adore this dress. The style is so feminine and it can suit any frame. I was looking out for more colours but I did not see anything so I will look on eBay. Try and get those bargains, you know me.


Striped skater dress £10.00

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sparkle baby sparkle

Afternoon guys,

Right now I am so cold, you wouldn't think so by the above picture but believe me I am. London is definitely starting to feel the chill. I wanted to show you all my new favourite dress. I only bought this two or three days ago from Primark. I wasn't even planning on going there but I thought hmm its been awhile let me just see what they've got.

Well I strolled in and my eyes were drawn to all the glittery pieces that they have. I stumbled upon this really cool dress. It is actually a dark blue dress but you can't tell because of the glitter. The sleeves are 3 quarter flared, that did it for me.  I have so many glittery dress but none with a flared sleeve, so I had to get it.

This is an easy dress to wear. Bring a little sparkle into your life.


Glitter dress £13.00 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Check it out, check it out

Hey, hey, hey

Hi guys, since coming back from my short break I feel like the English weather has just been slapping me in the face. It has been cold. Basically I need to start covering up. 

I found the above trousers on eBay, they caught my attention because of the check effect. I know its risky buying trousers without trying them on but I thought I wiil be pretty safe with these. They are straight leg and they are long enough. 

Now I need trousers that are straight leg or skinny, these styles suit my leg shape. I'm a skinny litttle thing with long legs. I think these trosuers will look better tucked into boots. To be honset that is the only way I want to wear them at the moment. 

Thankfully these trouseres arrived in perfect condition and they fit fine. Relief


Checked trousers £0.99 plus 2.50 postage

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I'm back

Hi guys,

I'm back from my short trip to France. Actually I ended up going to Switzerland too, lets just say last I needed the break it has been a long time.

I am doing a quick read up on my favourite blogs whilst on lunch. I feel like I have missed out on loads.

Thank you ALL for the kind birthday wishes. I had a nice birthday and a nice break. 

I have pics of my trip but I'm not in many of them. Reason being, I forgot that France has 2 pin plugs. This means that I could not do my hair to my liking. Every appliance I had i.e. hairdryer and straightener was three pin. NIGHTMARE! I ended up wearing a plait in my hair for most of the trip. I looked like I was twelve lol. I will be more prepared for next time. 

Anyways I will be updating my blog a bit later with my recent buys.


Friday, 18 November 2011


Morning guys,

As you can tell by the post title it is my birthday, well technically it was yesterday. I'm now 27 ahhhh. I'm kidding, I'm fine with it. 

I am just doing a quick post today because I wore this dress yesterday and lets just say it got some attention. I felt like a dark angel? Its the mesh wings, its giving me that feeling. I brought this a few weeks ago in H&M. I remember walking in and I just saw this one dress on a hanger just staring at me. I was so drawn to it. I picked it up it was a size 8, it was at a price I liked. Basically it was meant for me.

Just to let you guys know I am off to France for a few days so I will be posting when I get back.


H&M mesh wings dress £9.99

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Its another blazer

Evening everyone,

I've been at it again, I've been buying blazers (hands over my face). This beautiful, tailored blazer was picked up at the Hobbs sample recently.  

Now, I have cream blazers, black blazers, shiny black blazers, cheque and grey but no green blazers. So on that note I had to get a green blazer. When I tried this on at the sample sale (here goes my American accent) "ooooh it felt good". I was looking at myself like "yeah girl, get em" it was an instant buy. 

The lining is very different? Its pink BUT in the light it can look a bit metallic. I guess I like that about it. When teamed with my green checked shirt, dark green cardigan and dark denim jeans I'm back to saying in my American accent "yeah girl, get em".  

Love this bargain buy.


Hobbs green blazer £10.00

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Is that MYBWD.BLOGSPOT on your nails?

Hi guys,

One of my letter nails finally came today, I am estatic.  As soon as they came I had to get my nails in order. This saw me pop out to get black nail varnish and clear nail varnish. I already knew in my head what I wanted to do and how I wanted them to look.

The letters are a perfect size, small but effective. I have received the silver and gold nails as featured in the  Writtings on the nail post

I removed the cheap red nail varnish I had on for ages. Urg! I brought this really cheap red nail varnish from Boots specificaly to wear for Halloween. I've been lazy and just reapplying like a mad woman. Believe me these letters came in the nick of time. If you can see any red spots on the sides of my nails please ignore (embarresed face).

Anyways I chose to do a simple black and gold look. That always works. I am so happy with the result. Who would of thought that I would have my blog address on my nails? I know I didn't.


Monday, 14 November 2011

What always comes back into fashion? Leopard!

 Afternoon everyone,

I am off work for a week YES! Why? Well it is my birthday week. I always take a week off during my birthday. I wont be doing anything crazy, I will mostly be spending it with loved ones and friends.

Today I wanted to show you the above leopard dress because I loveeeeee this dress. I brought it from Primark 4 weeks ago. It is current season, most importantly it is a bargain. The dress is bodycon fit which works well with my body type. Basically I am skinny lol. I do eat though, I eat loads. Anyways sorry I got side tracked.

This dress can be worn sexy and worn casual. I decided to show casual because sexy is easy. Go bare leg and throw on sum sexy heels, sorted. Casual is a bit more of a challenge.   

The first pic see's a straight forward tights and brogues look.Simple enough. I however love the dress with a smart shirt underneath. It gives the dress more of a sexy smart look. 

Well done Primark for this bargain buy.


Primark leopard dress £10.00

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Who loves a smart shirt? I do

Hi everyone,

As you know I am loving shirts. I want them in all colours and styles. I brought the above shirt at the Hobbs sample sale last month. The above shirt is a simple green and white check shirt with a small pocket on the left breast.

This shirt is super smart and easy to wear. I have worn this shirt with a dark green cardigan and a dark green blazer. It works so well together. I will upload the cardigan and blazer in the next couple posts, that will give you a better idea.

Guys simple and smart goes a long way.


Hobbs green and white check shirt £5.00

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Put a little sophistication in your life

Hi all,

Today see's me show a little sophistication. I am 26, 27 this year. At the moment I do feel like I am changing, actually no not changing maturing. I want to bring some sophistication in my life. This will be reflected in my clothes. Don't get me wrong I will still buy my leopard dresses and funky tights but I will change it up every now and then.

I do have a weakness for blazers I absolutely love them. I wanted to show you all the above blazer. I brought it in the Hobbs sample sale last year. I haven't even worn it yet I am waiting for the right moment, again. This might sound weird but it is really white. Me and white aren't the best of friends simply because I am clumsy. However this blazer was just too good to miss. 

Bargain buy once again.


Hobbs white blazer £10.00

Thursday, 10 November 2011

I love Aztec

Morning all,

Today I had to show you guy's my aztec cardigan. I got it from the Hobbs sample sale and I have to say out of all my picks on that day this is my FAVOURITE item.

I love the colour, the print and the weight. Yes you read right the weight? For the price of the cardigan it is quite thick therefore a bit weighty. Believe me it will keep me warm.

I haven't worn it yet because I am waiting for the right time. Its one of those stand out cardigan's. Once you wear it you will get noticed. Ladies you know what I mean. Men do you know what I mean?  

I still have a few more items that I have to feature from the sample sale. I got quite a lot of items (embarrassed face) lol.

Have a good day guys,


Aztec cardigan £0.00 = 3 hours work at sample sale

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Who says simple doesnt work

Hey guys,

Hi guy's I was out an about and ended up in Primark a couple days ago. As I am loving smart shirts right now, I am looking for jumpers to go with them.

I went into the knitwear section of Primark and came across an offer, it was selected jumpers for £5.00 now reduced to £3.90. I though oh that's good I need some jumpers.

I saw this bright orange jumper staring at me. I didn't want to get the usual dull black and blue so I thought let me get a bold orange. I am more of a V-neck girl but for £3.90 I will be a round neck girl too. I like the buttons on the side of the jumper, I tried to take a clear close up pic, please see above. The buttons are adorable. Hope they don't fall off.
I have to advise though the fit of this jumper is really tight I am normally a size 8 but when trying it on it couldn't even get over my head. Get a size bigger, its so much easier.


Primark orange jumper £3.90

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Zebra Tank Top

Hi everyone,

I had to feature this item because when I came across this tank top I knew it had to be apart of my life. It is purely because of the Zebra print. I'm a sucker for animal print. I think I can make them work, actually I know I can.

The key to wearing animal print is to team it with something subtle. The attention should be on the pattern. Do not take the attention away from the print.

I love this bargain find.


Zebra tank top £0.00 = 3 hours work at sample sale

Sunday, 6 November 2011


How is everyone? Hope your all ok. I am up and on the hunt for a new job. I need a change guys. It’s all about change for the new year so I’m starting now.

One thing that wont change is my bargains. As I said in my previous post I am loving shirts right now. I was doing a usual search on eBay and I came across a very nice red stripe shirt. This shirt got my attention right away.

Low and behold there was a two for one offer. Just my thing. I am not so keen on the second plain red shirt however I could not miss out on this.

These were on auction, thankfully I won it. Phew.

X2 red shirts £0.99 plus £2.16 postage

Regent cardi at John Lewis

 Hi guys,

Whilst doing my usual search on the internet, I actually came across my Regent cardigan on the John Lewis website. I had to let you guys know. John Lewis are currently selling my cardigan at £44. I am shocked.

I’m sorry but I would not pay £44 for this cardigan. For £44 I want more material on my cardigan. Well I guess I am just luck I got this at my bargain price £0.00.

Please see previous on if your thinking how did she do that?

I love my bargain buys.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hobbs Regent Cardigan


My next purchase was this cutest mustard cardigan. Believe me guys I need new cardigans. The one’s I have, lets just say they need to be thrown away.

This cardigan appeals to me because of the check design. Combined with the mustard colour, this cardigan screamed get me. It feels so soft! I will most likely team this item with shirts. Actually I have fallen in love with shirts again. I’m loving simple smart shirts.

This cardigan has the most adorable little pockets at the front, much lower than usual. For that reason this cardigan gets a my bargain world thumbs up.

Hobbs Regent Cardigan £0.00 = 3 hours work at sample sale

Friday, 4 November 2011

All that glitters isn’t always gold


Guys I am so freaking happy today. Reason being, my workplace had a sample sale. I did so good money wise. I got a bunch of free stuff and I also brought some stuff, you know I couldn’t resist. So the next few post’s will see my brilliant buys and freebies.

The Hobbs sample sale saw a lot of knitwear, jackets, dresses and blazers. No bags for me this time. However I fell in love with all my buys instantly.

The first thing I got was this black jumper pictured above. The cool thing about this jumper is that it has silver glitter all over it. I tried to get a good shot of the glitter. Emphasis on the word TRIED.

It is so comfortable and it keeps me warm. This jumper brings a welcome smile to my face.

Hobbs black glitter jumper £0.00 = 3 hours work at sample sale