Sunday, 16 October 2011

The only way is blogging style pt 2

Hey guys,

I had to do a part two of this feature because I wanted to showcase the beauty brand Vivo. Whilst talking to one of the makeup artist’s at the event, I was advised this brand is affordable. Prices are from £6 and under, now Vivo is talking my language.

As you can see below I picked up the following from the goody bag.

Top to bottom
1: Black eyeliner, 2: Black lengthening mascara, 3: Baked Bronze, 4: Rich Chocolate eyeshadow, 5: Goddess eyeshadow.

Funnily enough I needed mascara so I will be trying this out tomorrow. You know its all about baby steps with make up trial and error.

Anyways I have to say once again thank you Vivo.

Vivo Makeup £0.00 = 5 hours of fun at blogging event

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